Wednesday, July 18, 2012

Ty can play guitar

I hope you can view this video.  It probably won't work on a mobile device but I'll try to upload to you-tube and post on Ty's facebook, too.  He is so proud of his rock-and-roll discovery!  He can get those fingers to press down just enough for a funky jam :)

In addition to the guitar, Ty discovered that he can hold onto a balloon (the long kind that clowns use to make animals) and he lifts it up enough to pretend he is sword fighting.  He was working with his occupational therapist on this and he called me over to ask that I take a picture.  It was so cute, he never wants to take a picture!  It didn't come out great, but you get the idea.  He has one "sword" in each hand.  He told Lou that he wants to show him how he can "go cwazy."  He's such a funny kid.

Before signing off, I also want to add some photos of Gavin.  It's been a while.  Can you believe how big he is getting?  My crazy, handsome boy.


  1. Love it! You can tell Ty is super proud to be doing things on his own again. Sweet! I love when you share videos as well as pics.

    Ty is on the up and up!! :)



  3. Woooooo Hooooo rock on Ty! That so made my day :)

  4. I am sooooo happy for Ty and Gavin. I am super happy that Gavin has the Buzz outfit because I wanted to send him the one my son has grown out of. My youngest actually had his 3 yr old school pics in that outfit! Along with his home haircut...too funny. Also, I will leave my email because I always want to send stuff to the boys. I have 2 boys also. They couldn't be more different thou. And there is a large age gap between them......but they act like they are the same age sometimes. If you do not feel comfortable telling me where to send stuff I will email you my husbands contact info....he is a police officer.
    My name is Simone, email is I know you probably get a lot of stuff......but My son has some stuff Gavin may like and We love candy like Ty and would be happy to send him something. We loved toy story, thomas the train, veggie tales, max and ruby, and most all disney movies and characters. Actually, I love the max and ruby books more than my son now....and I love disney more than anyone in this house!

  5. Also one more thing......what does Ty need from the insurance and or the cost? I know you are waiting but maybe we can get some money together to get it to him now. You or Lou or someone like an attorney....need to call evryday and threaten or do whatever it takes to get his supplies. I am sure you know that, but you are also busy taking care of the boys.....please find someone to help you. I will make calls if need be......I worked 13 yrs in the law/legal fields and am good at getting people to do favors for others. Please let us know if we can ever help.

  6. Gavin looks so cute on that bouncy horse - love it - and the buzz lightyear outfit, awesome. You were blessed would two handsome boys!! Good to see Ty rocking on the guitar -