Friday, July 13, 2012

I hate running

Have I mentioned that?  Probably not, because I didn't realize just how much I hate running until I started doing it again.  Oh my God!  Every minute feels like ten.  I'm sucking wind the entire way and can't wait for it to be over.  When I signed up for the 5K and then another 10K in October (10K - YIKES!) I thought about how great it will feel to be working out again.  I haven't been going to the gym or running outside since Ty was diagnosed almost two years ago and I was really optimistic about this endeavor.  I went running in the heat today while Ty is in the oxygen chamber and I decided to just come clean about my feelings.  It's not fun for me.  I hate it :)

But, of course, I hate cancer more.  My baby boy suffers a bazillion times more than I do during my simple little jog in the park.  I am just being a whiny baby and I should be ashamed.  Poor Ty just wants to have fun and to feel better.  He doesn't want to do this anymore!  Look at this face.  Today he was so sad when we pulled into the parking lot for oxygen therapy.  He cried "how many more times we hab to do wocketship?"  We should be done in mid-August.  To a four year old, that's forever.  I just love this beautiful face.  He is a trooper. 


The 5K to support Ty's neurosurgery team at Weill Cornell is next weekend at Riverside Park.  I can't THANK YOU ENOUGH for all of the generous donations we received already.  Amazing.  I am pasting the information again below.  Please share with your friends if you have a chance.  Thanks again! 

To make a donation to our team:
  • Visit
  • On the upper left hand side, there is a red button that reads Donate to Participant. Click it.
  • Enter "Cindy Campbell" in the search fields (or any of our team members, right now I'm the only one registered.
  • Click on my name when it appears (Pawling, NY)
  • When my page comes up, you will see a button on the upper right hand side that reads "Give Now". Click it and follow the prompts from there
  • If you don't wish to donate online, there will be a link to print out a form as well.

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