Thursday, June 21, 2012

Vacation - Take Two

As unbelievable as this has been, we are grateful that we ended up in the hospital for just under 24 hours – this may be a record for us.  We were so anxious to leave today, that we were harassing the nurses about meds and discharge since morning to make sure we were out the door before Ty even had a chance to get comfortable.  It was a miserable hospital stay this time around simply because Ty whined a lot and only slept from 3 – 6AM, then again from 9 – 11AM.  That means I slept even less.  You should see me, I’m a train wreck – but at least I’m FREE!!!  Let vacation Part II begin!

Lou made a joke on our way back from the hospital today. “Woo Hoo!  Partytime in Long Beach!  Just because one overzealous partygoer had to have his stomach pumped, doesn’t mean the party’s over for everyone.”  Tee hee.  At least we can laugh about this crazy life.  And switch gears on the drop of a dime. 

Right now, we are trying to get back in vacation mode.  Ty is, too.  He is excited that we were able to go back so soon after surgery and he can’t wait to show everyone the arts and crafts we snagged from the toy room on our way out.  Grandma came over to help out with Ty and Aunt Debi has been with Gavin so we should have an easy transition.  Ty hasn't required any pain medication since 6AM and I he looks unbelievable. All smiles from ear to ear.

When Ty woke me at six a.m. to tell me he’s ready to get up (huh???!!!) the first words he whispered to me were, “Mama, my head peels bedda.”  It was music to my ears.   Maybe this was a blessing in disguise and will ultimately result in fewer future headaches and faster physical improvement for SuperTy. 


  1. What an inspiration that child is!

  2. Ty is amazing! The picture is priceless.

    Ann from Buffalo

  3. Oh how I LOVE Ty and have never had the pleasure to meet him. As, I know a lot of other people feel. I haven't posted in awhile, but have def. checked in on him daily.

    “Mama, my head peels bedda.” ---- I can just hear him saying it....makes me wanna cry. So glad he peels much bedda!


  4. I'm so happy Ty was able to leave the hospital so soon. Best wishes and all good hopes for now and the future.

  5. Vacation with renewed gumshun! That is definitely a record-setting hospital stay. Handled!

    Praying for lots of smiles, fun, and rest.