Tuesday, June 26, 2012

Ty the Terrible Tyrant

Mr. Misery himself

Yesterday was a terrible day with Ty.  He was so out of sorts the night before, I guess from returning home after such a long break, that he barely slept a wink.  He was happy and adorable all night long, he just had too much on his mind to settle into a nice slumber.  Which, of course, equates to no sleep for me and Lou, either.  Gavin has been waking up three times a night, too, but that's because he was used to sleeping in the bed with me on vacation and now he is back in the crib.  I think it will take him a week or so to get back to routine.  At least he goes back to sleep pretty easily (unlike his brother).

We were supposed to resume oxygen therapy yesterday, but after such a sleepless night, and the OUTRAGEOUS thunderstorm that was underway when my pointless alarm went off, I decided to take one more day so Ty could catch up on his lost sleep with a nice afternoon nap.  Instead we returned today, and he was screaming and crying the whole way in.  I hope he settled down okay once in the chamber.  I feel so bad.  Not just for Ty, but there are about 7 or 8 adults in there with him for their own therapy.  I imagine it must be torture hearing Ty cry for two straight hours.  I know what that's like all too well...  

I was at my breaking point with Ty yesterday.  He woke up happy, but by 8AM that all changed.  I wasn't surprised.  Whenever he is tired like that he goes bonkers.  He complained about head pain that didn't really exist (I've become an expert on this).  He cried incessantly for no reason at all.  He was smothering me with ridiculous demands and he was just plain sad.  Sometimes in the middle of his hysterics I would yell, "USE YOUR WORDS!! WHAT'S WRONG!" and he yelled right back... "I JUST SAD!!!"

Poor kid.  I tried to give him an anti-anxiety medication to calm him down and help him nap.  It only made him more irritated.  I insisted on going upstairs with him for a nap (oh... how I wanted that nap!) but he just laid there for 45 minutes, whimpering in my ear.  I got so frustrated I threatened to take him to the hospital and the spiteful little kid that he is agreed.  He wanted to go!  Of course I wasn't really taking him to the hospital, but I did put him in the car and begin driving just to get him to sleep.  No.  Such.  Luck.  Not a wink.  After the fourth or fifth time he mentioned that he wants to go to the candy store and the vending machines at the hospital, I asked him if he'd rather go to the Arts and Crafts store closer to home (aka Michael's).  He was excited by that prospect.  Unfortunately, once we were there he cried the entire time about being there, and when we were leaving he cried about leaving.  Loud, embarrassing cries.  I almost lost it yesterday. 

Here's to a better day today.  He slept very well last night so I'm hoping for a happy boy when I pick him up from oxygen therapy and take him to Blythedale.  Fingers and toes are crossed.


  1. Hey Cindy and Lou,
    YOU are special people. As you know far too well life has it's ups and downs but this is not acceptable. By any means. I want to help raise money to (like you always say) kick PEDIATRIC cancer in the but!! Is there a link? Besides other donations sites, I don't know where to donate more for you. Love,

  2. Sounds like a really rough day. Especially since any day is really rough when we don't get any sleep the night before. I hope today is better for both of you. I always read your posts and can't imagine this damm road you have been forced to go down.
    As always praying for You, Ty and your whole family..
    Can't wait to hear about some physical progress now that he is back into treatment
    Stay strong and TRY to get some sleep