Tuesday, June 5, 2012


I was leaning in close to Ty, kissing his cheeks and eating his chin when he whispered to me with a smile, "my legs disappeared." Then he kinda giggled.  I joked, "Huh? When? Where did they go?"  Then he looked at me and his face turned so sad.  "I don't know," he answered in a low voice.

It took a lot not to tear up when that happened, but I held it together and I told Ty that his legs were still right there, and that slowly they would come back to him.  He seemed to accept that.  My poor baby.

Despite that conversation, Ty was incredible today.  Like a completely different little boy compared to yesterday.  He looked amazing (everyone was stopping me to tell me so).  He was very happy.  He didn't wince or complain about pain; not even once.  He had his 30th treatment in the hyperbaric oxygen chamber and now gets to take two weeks off before returning for another 30 - this will be a much needed break from the early morning routine for both of us.  What a good boy he has been through all of this.  Then he went to school and therapy all day, and he even worked hard with his at-home occupational therapist for an hour after we got home.  Usually a long day like today would have wiped him out and left him completely irritable, but he was nothing but happy and pleasant all day.

Ty Louis Campbell continues to amaze me in every way.  His ups and downs remain a mystery which can be so frustrating, but I am just so glad that today was a perfect day and he was on the up and up.  May he be even bedda tomorrow and every day hereafter.  God bless our little fighter.


  1. Prayers to all of you!! Ty sounds completely amazing and I wish him and all of you the best!!!! Stay strong lil buddy!

  2. What if you had him close his eyes, and you tickled him on different parts of his body so he could tell you where he feels you. you can get lighter and lighter with you touch to try and "trick" him, and all the while you can tell him how amazing his body is, how his legs (and any other body part) can feel you even without seeing, how good his body is working, all the parts!

  3. Cindy & Lou,

    I am so happy to hear that the fundraiser was such a huge success! Of course, I am not suprised considering it is for such an amazing cause!

    I know Ty is not super strong yet, but he will get there. I know you are waiting for the day that you can chase him around the house, and it will come. When I sit back and think of all Ty has went through and survived, it is truly incredible. He is simply amazing! :)

    However, I will say that I am quite jealous of the trip to Long Island! I just had a mini moment yesterday where I called my girlfriend and said I hate it here (Baltimore) I want to go back to NY. I realized, that I have not been to the beach in 6 years! That is crazy, I was raised right on the Long Island Sound and went to the beach everyday, and Robert Moses atleast 3 days a week in the summer. God, do I miss it! You guys are going to have such a great time!

    Thinking about you guys always!

    Joy Marielle
    Baltimore, MD