Sunday, June 17, 2012

Beach days

After a great night with friends last night (Janice, thank you so much for hosting such a fun party – we all had such a great time, especially Ty), today was the perfect day to relax on the beach. My family came to Long Beach for a day at the beach, and it was wonderful. The weather is supposed to be nice again tomorrow, so Father’s Day should turn out to be another great day at the beach. It’s also been therapeutic for Ty. We do some stretching by playing with a fishing pole toy, and he helps me with the shovel when we fill the pail with sand. Little things like this help him to feel like he is still able to have fun. He was happy at the beach today, so Lou and I were happy, too. I met a stranger at the supermarket in Oceanside today. I was with the boys because we needed milk and a few things for lunch. She introduced herself to me and told me that she reads this blog to check up on Ty and that she can feel/relate to the love I have for my boys in my writing. Erica, I can’t tell you how much that meant to me. It was very special for me to hear those words, thank you. I am so happy that Ty has touched so many people. He is a special little boy and I am so lucky to be his Mommy. PS - I have resorted to posting from the i-pad because I can't get online with my regular computer. I can't post the pictures I want to post, I can't figure out how to create a break in the paragraph, and this post was very delayed (I wrote it last night but couldn't get it up until Sunday afternoon. Tonight I will find a way to post the video montage of Lou and Ty in honor of Father's Day and I hope to get to a Starbucks tomorrow so I can share some pictures and type on a normal keyboard. As always, thank you for all of your postive thoughts, posts and prayers.

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  1. It was so great to meet you and your precious boys at the supermarket. I felt like I was meeting a celebrity family! :) You often write how lucky you are to be Ty's mom. This is true, but even more so, Ty is lucky to have YOU. Whether you wanted the title or not, you have become Hero to your family, those near and dear to you, and even complete strangers like myself. Thank you for bringing us into your world and letting us get to know you and your family through this blog. Sending nothing but positive thoughts your way...... Erica