Wednesday, June 6, 2012

Another happy day

We had another great day today.  Ty and I got to sleep in an extra hour and we had a really nice time at Blythedale.  He was happy all day.  I even treated him to Candy World on the way home because I was enjoying him so much.  When we were driving through the parking lot of the Danbury mall, Ty noticed that there is a huge carnival set up.  He told me he wants to go and that we need to bring his tickets (yes, we are still carrying around the raffle tickets from the fundraiser, apparently he thinks they are interchangeable with any carnival). 

Everything changes when Ty is feeling good.  When he has pain, when he whines through the day... I share those same terrible feelings all day.  I carry the same aches and pains, depression and overall crankiness with me.  The whole family does.  But days like today can make us all feel so refreshed, so happy and so grateful.  Today was a good day. 

Ty's speech therapist gave him some cherry and grape flavored popsicle sticks to take home with him today.  She also worked with him on writing a list of things to pack for our upcoming vacation at the beach.  Both the list and the popsicle sticks became Ty's obsession of the day (and probably for several days from now on).  All day long he held them tucked under his arms unless he absolutely had to let go (i.e. for physical therapy) in which case he asked me several times if I had his list and sticks - just to be sure.  They are now in the bag with his other favorite things.  The bag that goes everywhere with us.  So cute.

Here he is with one of the popsicle sticks tonight.  He was showing off to Gavin.  It's so funny, the things that kids get a kick out of.  He is also getting a g-tube feed of pedialite, in case you are curious about the huge syringe on the pillow.  He hasn't been drinking enough fluids during the day, but his eating has improved tremendously.  Finally, he has regained some of his appetite. 

One of the things Ty looks forward to the most when he gets to the carnival is winning a goldfish prize at one of the games.  He got the idea from an episode of Max and Ruby and he won't let it go.  It became such a big topic of conversation over the past few weeks that my parents recently surprised him with a pet fish of his own.  Meet Max and Morris (yes, I know, it's only one goldfish... tell that to Ty).  This is the very first pet the Campbell family has ever had and we love him :)

While Ty was at therapy today, Gavin sweetly fixed all of his pillows on the couch.  Our babysitter told him that he is the best brother and to that he replied "and, Ty is the best bro-ver, too!"  So sweet. I love how they love each other.  I wish I captured Gavin trying to feed Ty on video today.  He was shoving pretzels in his mouth waay to rough, but he really meant well and was genuinely trying to help.  Ty was such a sport about it, too.  I thought he would be in hysterics, but he just laughed and laughed at his crazy brother. I love how these two love each other.   I can't bear the thought of them ever being apart.  God willing, they never will be.  

Here they are resting together.  I feel like I should probably be doing the same thing.  Good night everyone.  As always, thank you for your love and support. 


  1. I enjoy hearing your good news of a wonderful and fun day with your beautiful boys. My prayers continue for you and your loving family. God grant you the continued strength and wonderful winning attitude you have
    my biggest wish and prayer is pain free days for ty and wonderful continued healing for your beautiful son... and continued days of joy and blessing Debbie

  2. So, so gorgeous. Happy tears for all of you today. Wishing you a wonderful trip to LB and continued good days. Ty is my hero and Gavin is a fiesty doll!

  3. I literally laughed out loud at Max and Morris! I love all of your posts but especially love the "good day" posts. Praying for many more happy days!

    Memphis, TN

  4. I pray for all of you every day. Always glad to heat positive reports. God bless!

  5. GaGa is so sweet! Ty is the best brother too. Awe.

    Cindy I hope the Campbell family does not carry the tradition of Zimba Special Pets and Appliances LTD!!! Hope your fish is safe from the curse. Whatever you do - don't put another Betta Fish in the bowl - they are vicious and will literally rip eachother apart. I'm serious.

    Glad you are having some good days and get to have a break from the early mornings going to the rocketship.

    Praying for more good days xoxoxoxoxoxox

  6. Missing the posts. :( still praying daily though

  7. We miss the updates too. Worried extra prayers being said

  8. Very concerned.. you never go this long without writing. Hope everything is okay.
    A lot of prayers are being said for you guys
    Hope you update soon

  9. Checking every day and concerned, thinking about super Ty!

  10. I check multiple times a day. I've followed since day one and don't remember ever being this nervous or going this long without a post! Praying for the Campbell's.

  11. I am too very concerned that Cindy has not posted but I did go back and read that they were starting a WELL deserved 2 week vacation and I am hoping that they have no internet service and that is the reason we have not heard anything....may the sun be shining down on the Campbell family...we will pray and wait patiently:)