Wednesday, March 7, 2012

Not much to report

I don't have a lot of new information to share.  Today was a very quiet day, just me and Ty snuggling and sleeping away the hours.  He did have an MRI - without anesthesia because he's such a trooper - and I was so relieved when it didn't show any inflammation of the meninges.  Meaning, Ty doesn't appear to have meningitis and that is a huge, huge relief.

What does he have?  That is still a mystery.  He was very tired all day and he vomited several times, but his head pain is getting better and he doesn't need as much morphine as he did yesterday.  This evening he really perked up when Lou arrived after work, and we did a boatload of arts and crafts with him while he sat up and sang songs.  It only lasted a couple of hours, but it's definitely a sign of improvement.  For the first time in days he showed some interest in eating, too.  He had three or four sips of a yogurt drink and was able to keep it down.  He's making progress.

On the down side, he developed a rash on his face that you can kind of see in the picture below.  They are observing this closely to make sure it doesn't spread.  His eyes are very swollen, too.  No one can really explain that.  It seems more and more like this is probably some kind of viral bug and Ty just needs to wait it out until it finishes running it's course through his poor little body.  I have a good feeling that tomorrow will be a better day, and perhaps we can even talk about going home Thursday or Friday.  I will keep you all posted, of course.  In the meantime, here is a picture of him sleeping soundly.  I bought him a couple of Squinkies on Sunday to cheer him up and he hasn't let go of them since!  Those are two tiny little cars that he is clutching in his hand.  During his MRI one of the nurses changes his sheets and lost the red one.  He panicked and I had to get a volunteer to sit with him while I "looked for it" outside (AKA: Ran to the toy store across the street.  Bought the only two remaining bags of Squinkies.  Opened them frantically looking for a red one.  PHEW!  There was a red one). 

We need to figure this out and get Ty back on his chemo, too.  His white blood cell count went up today (Yay!), so once we feel he is over this infection we can get him back on treatment.  Tomorrow will be a good day. I just know it. XOXO. Goodnight everyone. 


  1. Sounds good. I hope you go home soon.

  2. Praying for Ty and all of you always.