Thursday, March 29, 2012

My hero

 Look at this kid.  He's been beat up for a year and a half, suffering from one of his worst blows ever right now, and still he smiles all the time.

"Keep your heads up.  Know that you are loved and live like it.  Embrace this crazy beautiful life that has been given to us and know this small journey through this world pales in comparison to what God has in store for us! "

I received this advice in an email yesterday, and it helps me to stay positive.  It's simple and lovely and I appreciate it very much.

Ty had his mediport needles changed yesterday.  That means we've been back inpatient for a week, because they get changed every seven days.  How much has changed in these seven days.  I asked his nurse to keep him de-accessed for an hour or so in order to wash him down in between.  He was so mad about that.  As I washed him down in bed he screamed at me to "put the dirt back on!".  Afterward, he didn't even have a chance to wind down all clean and comfy because he had to get his needles.  Just so you can see why this is such a traumatic event for him every week, I included a photo of the needles that are used.  He gets two in his chest every time.  It's heartbreaking to watch.  These kids are amazing. 

Ty is getting a little stronger and the tone in his arms and legs looks better.  He is opening his hands a bit, and his left leg is showing promise.  Last night he couldn't wait to tell me "look mama, I move my arm!"  This morning, "look mama, I can move my head!"  There is so much reason to have so much hope.  I will never ever let go of that.

I don't have much time to get online because Ty is emotional and very needy.  I wish I had more time to write, but for now I will try to at least share some updates on a daily basis.  In the meantime, I heard that Gavin pooped on the potty for the first time yesterday.  I'm so proud of him and excited at the prospect of returning home to a potty-trained boy :)  Here he is having fun with Aunt Debi yesterday.  Helping to feed the horses!  He's the best. 


  1. I pray that everyday only gets better and better for lil Ty and your family. Thank you for posting often. I check this site as well as his facebook everyday in hopes of knowing what is going on with lil Ty. I worry and pray all the time. It may seem a little strange to some people seeing I dont even know your family. But the way you keep everyone updated just feel as if I do know and love you all! Always, always praying for lil Ty. He is sooooo precious. Thank you for a glimpse into your lives. xoxoxoxoxo

  2. Thank u for keeping us in the loop with all that's going on medically.. I'm sure that's so hard to recap again and again. I have no doubt Ty will improve each day and the idea of phys therapy is great for him. Keep him moving and gaining strength. Ur right cancer NEVER wins! Ty does! xoxo Keeping u all in my prayers always

  3. Looking good Big Boy. Love that smile. Thank you for the updates. I check to see them several times a day.

    Prayers from Texas,