Wednesday, March 14, 2012


I think we are over the hump.  Please read that in a whisper, though, because I am forever fearful of the trolls :)

Ty was awake and alert for the majority of the day today.  A huge difference.  He had his moments where he was whiney or complained of head pain, but nothing compared to previous days.  And nothing at all like the pain he was suffering while he was inpatient last week, thank God. 

Today was a hospital day.  The team wanted to check his bloodwork and perform some neuro tests before clearing him for his bi-weekly infusion of Avastin.  All of which looked really good.  The G-shot that we've been giving him every day helped bring his ANC up to a very comfortable level (white blood cells) and we plan to start where we left off on his oral chemo Monday (so long as he continues to improve).  We were there for hours, it was an especially long day, and Ty did pretty well keeping himself entertained in the toy room.  I, on the other hand, wanted to tear down the walls and get the heck out of there!  It was just so busy today and every little thing was taking sooo long.  I was very anxious to be back there so soon and I wanted to jump out of my skin by the time 4PM rolled around.  Luckily we were on the road soon after that and got home around 6PM.  Enough time to play with Gavin, read him books and smother him with hugs and kisses. 

Ty's eating is still terrible, but his energy level was so much better today.  He tried walking, but had a really tough time - can't seem to straighten out his left leg and he's just so weak overall.  The good news is, he tried scooting again and he was able to make it all the way across the floor in our kitchen!  You should have seen his smile.  Every small triumph makes him so happy.  It's amazing that when my eyes are filled with discouragement and sadness over his setbacks, he seems to instead find joy in every accomplishment.  I am so honored to be his mommy.  He's amazing. 

Ever upward! 

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