Monday, January 30, 2012


Ty was so strong today!  He has been very brave when it comes to walking.  For the first time since October 2010, Ty stood without holding my hand for at least five seconds.  It was all his idea, too.  He kept letting go of my hand and I kept grabbing him because I didn't know what he was doing.  Then he said "Look!" and stood still all by himself.  Lou couldn't believe his eyes and his physical therapist today said he did terrific.  Every day is different, and some are better than others, but today was great and we are so happy. 

It's amazing how he always learns to accommodate.  Today I took these pictures of him doing a magic trick.  It's hard to tell, but he was having trouble holding the pot, so he ended up lifting his knee to help balance the "pot" and using his weak hand to hold it down while he created the magic flower.  Abracadabra!

Gavin had fun playing with his favorite toys today, too.  Toy Story is his absolute favorite.  Toy Story legos, Toy Story puzzles, Toy Story figurines.  Here is how we found Buzz and Jesse at the end of the day.  Poor Jesse is hanging upside down from her string, with her hat pulled over her face.  Gavin is one funny kid.   Goodnight, everyone.  Preschool for Ty and me tomorrow!

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