Wednesday, January 25, 2012


I don't have much to say about today.  I am still thinking about a conversation I had with the school district about Kindergarten.  I dropped by to hand over paperwork for Gavin (because he gets speech therapy) and I was called in for a impromptu conversation about Ty.  They just wanted to see how he was doing, but we ended up discussing our plans for the next school year.  We were strongly encouraged to start Ty on-time and begin full-day Kindergarten in September.  There are a lot of valid reasons for this suggestion, but I can't even swallow the suggestion.  Not even remotely.  Sure, some of the reason may be because the regular mommy in me can't imagine my baby going to school full-time, but it's mostly because he simply isn't ready.  He lost a year of his life, so he is a year behind (not to mention his physical disabilities), and even though he would be in a special class I still feel very uneasy about the idea.  Another tough decision we are faced with... I'm sure it will work itself out and Lou and I will choose whatever we think is best for Ty.  Most likely, it will mean another year of preschool before embarking on Kindergarten, but that is yet to be finalized. 

In the meantime, I was sorting through some recent videos and wanted to share the attached.  It's just so cute.  Ty has a habit of thumbing through the latest flyers and picking out the toys that he wants.  He certainly doesn't need any toys, but he has fun doing it so we let him dream :)  Here he is talking about how Poppa is going to have to go back to work so he can afford all of his latest picks. 


  1. That video is just SUPER cute! I am smiling from ear to ear. Ty is just too precious.

    I haven't posted in awhile, but I def. have been reading everyday. I am so glad Ty is doing much better and his scans are continuing to be clean. Yea!!

    I am w/ you on the kindergarten. Seems to me he wouldn't be ready to be thrown in to a full day of school after only going to preschool this short time. But, I am sure y'all will make the best decision for everyone in the end.

    Always thinking of y'all,

  2. He is adorable!! Of course he wants all of those toys!
    I follow him daily but don't write much. I am so glad he is doing better and pray for him to be able to lift his arm again. He will do it! He's Superty!

  3. I've been following your blog and have been praying for Ty and you all. God bless him! There is nothing I love more than a fellow Cancer survivor!!

    Just to share, my son was very, very shy at age 5. We were advised to give him another year of preschool and we took the advice. It was the best gift we've ever given him. He is now a Junior at the University of South Florida, is employed part-time at Busch Gardens and is on the executive council of his fraternity. I attribute his success to that extra year we gave him. As I said, just wanted to share.....

    Ty and your entire family will continue to be in my prayers. Wishing you all God's every blessing!

    Michelle in Orlando

  4. This video of Ty looking at the toys is the cutest thing I have ever seen. I watch it every night, I love it and I love him. God Bless!!!!!