Sunday, January 29, 2012

Corn on the Cob

Eating corn on the cob is a simple, every day thing.  That's why I am so proud to show you this picture!  Most importantly, look at the left hand!  Ty gripped the corn with his left hand and lifted it to his mouth without any prompting or assistance.  His fingers are still in a spastic position, but the level of control he has is finally improving a bit!  He had a great day today.  He was strong, he was walking well and he was happy.

Gavin, on the other hand, had me dangling from the end of my rope all day.  He has been saying "no" and defying me nonstop.  I am so glad that he finally went to bed and is sleeping soundly :)  He just had one of those days, I guess.  I would say, "It's time for a yummy lunch, yay!" and he says "No, mama, it's not time for lunch!  It's not yummy!"  Okay.  I give him a munchkin for dessert and he calls it a cookie.  I correct him and tell him it is a mini donut, and he says "No, mama, it's not a donut, it's a cookie!"  Okay.  He asks me how old he is so I tell him he is two and a half, and he yells "No, mama, I'm NOT two half!"  "You're not?  How old are you?"  "I'm FOUR!" he tells me.   I took the two boys to CVS for a treat and Gavin was completely out of control.  He refused to sit in his car seat so I had to physically pin him down each time we got in and out of the car.  Then, people don't realize that Ty can't walk so I have to carry him while trying to get my giant two year old to follow me/hold my hand/listen to a small percentage of what I say.  He kept dropping limp to the floor while I would try to pull him up and drag him across the street while onlookers worried that I was pulling his arm out of his socket.  So embarrassing.  It was just one of those unbelievable days. 

I think it's fair to say that every one of us has had those moments with our kids, right?  I swear, sometimes he gives me more stress than Ty's chronic illness!  In a very normal way, of course.  I certainly don't mean to complain. I am just sharing a bit of my every day life and admitting that sometimes the little things bother me too, even after all I've been through.  As much as I want to practice what I preach and enjoy EVERY moment, it's simply impossible :)  I am not amazing, I am normal.  Ty is amazing and he inspires me to try harder to be better. 


  1. I'm chuckling at the vision of Gavin falling limp to the floor as you cross the street (even though I know it wasn't fun for you while it was going on). Obviously this is such normal behavior for a kid his age. My little one is three and a half and I always feels like 3 years old is tougher than 2. EVERYTHING is a struggle with him, and he tests my patience constantly. So just hang in there. I feel like by 4 years old they become more reasonable :)

  2. I love hearing u complain about the little stuff. Makes me realize that I'm "normal" too. I know everybody talks about the terrible two's but they need to mention the horrible three's. Unfortunately u didn't get to experience those w/ Ty because he was so sick. Now Gavin is making up for it I guess, LOL.

    I absolutely love the picture of Ty eating corn in the cob. First, just to see him eat something so yummy nd second, to see him using his left arm. Ty, U ROCK!!! I swear I fall more nd more in love w/ u as time goes by. U r my superhero.

    All my love always,

  3. It's the little things isn't it!!!! Precious, simply precious!!!

  4. I think only a saint would be able to enjoy a two year old during episodes like this.

    Ty looks so good in that photo, like he's really enjoying the corn. Thank you for sharing.

    xx from Canada

  5. This could be an early sign of oppositional/defiance behavior. Of course, it's most likely normal testing of the boundaries and maybe a cry for attention. This can be normal in all families. However, sometimes when there is a child with an illness who needs special attention and care a sibling can act out in various ways. It really would be best to try to nip this behavior in the bud now rather than have him grow up to become a rebellious teen. I recommend the Total Transformation Program by James Lehman. It's behavior modification oriented. My husband and I are using it with our 12 year old now. Wish we'd heard about this earlier. Strong willed children can be a blessing but they must be dealt with in a way to teach them self control so they are able to grow into the strong adults people will want to work with and be around. The alternative can be devastating. I've seen some strong willed kids grow up to be so obnoxious no one wants anything to do with them as teens and adults. You can shape him at this early age and really help guide that strong personality into something beautiful. It can be done with lots of love and encouragement, which I'm sure you'll be able to provide. You can reinforce his strengths while setting boundaries and limits on the bad behavior but still loving his strong personality.

    I hope you don't see this as criticism. It isn't meant that way. I don't even know you and just read a bit of your blog so I don't know what you've tried so far. I heard about Ty last year and read some then and prayed for him whenever he came to mind.

    I've been praying for Ty and will keep it up. I pray some day he will be completely healthy.