Friday, November 25, 2011

Thankful for so much...

Handsome boy on Thanksgiving

We are all so thankful that we didn't have to spend this Thanksgiving in the hospital again.  What a relief!  Ty's latest cultures are still negative, too, so we resumed his chemotherapy this morning and he is doing well. 

We spent the day at Aunt Debi's house yesterday, and during the ride home I asked Ty once again to tell me what he is thankful for.  He said "presents".  No surprise there.  Then, he really surprised me.  He said, "I'm thankful for my pointies".  Ty calls an "appointment" a "pointy". 

"You mean, you are thankful for your appointments?"
"Yeah!" he said with excitement.
"Your appointments with your doctors and nurses?"
"Yeah!  I'm thankful for my pointies, too!"

I realized at that moment, that he gets it.  He knows how serious cancer is, and he knows how important his visits with the doctors and nurses are.  Even though he hates being there, and it hurts, he is still grateful.  He is becoming so smart and so mature in his four short years.  I am so proud.  And, of course, eternally grateful. 

This year, I am thankful for:
- Ty's miracle
- my family, always. 
- 2 consecutive clean scans.  Keep 'em coming!
- everyone who reads this blog or supports Ty otherwise
- your countless prayers, well wishes, thoughtful gifts and positive thoughts
- Amela, our beloved babysitter
- the influence Ty has had on others so his suffering holds more purpose
- Daniel, Tom, Sue, RaeAnn, Christine and Allie - Ty's loving nurses
- Dr. Kevin DeBraganca, Dr. Jeff Greenfield and Dr. Vijay Ramaswamy, also Mary, Maria, Cheryl, Vanessa and all of the pediatric neuro-oncology team at MSKCC
- countless meals from my friends and neighbors, I don't know how my family would have survived otherwise :)
- The Guardian Brain Foundation, Make a Wish, The Robert Manzoni Foundation, The Michelle O'Neill foundation, Friends of Karen, Cookies for Childhood Cancer, The Iron Riders of NY and so many others who have given so generously
- the support of our community, including "Ty's lollipops"from our friends at the bank, special care from our local pharmacist, Get Well cards from the students at Pawling elementary and the "pajama day" party for Ty at the Sunshine School
- all of the special gifts that have been sent to our home - both for Ty and for me.  We will truly cherish them, always
- the words of encouragement posted to Ty's blog and his facebook page
- the Fordham football team, for adopting Ty through the Friends of Jaclyn foundation
- the most amazing, unique and memorable experiences that have been arranged for Ty over the past year (i.e. meeting Spiderman and Derek Jeter!! a fly-by of Manhattan during Ty's first flight!! an anonymous delivery of 365 balloons on his anniversary!!)
- reconnecting with old friends, and making so many new ones around the country
- spending this Thanksgiving home with family, and preparing for Christmas for a healthier, happier Ty who is NOT on hospice care

Wooo Hoooo.  How Thankful we are!  Lou and I spend a lot of time today reflecting.  We read the blog entries from November and December last year - some of our darkest days - and we cried about the pain and suffering that we all experienced.  Especially Ty.  We cried for all of the other children we encountered since last August.  We cherish every single day and we are grateful for every smile, every word, every mess our kids make. 

Written below is Lou's beautiful Thanksgiving poem :)

Thankful - by Louis Campbell
I am thankful he is alive
I am thankful he can hold his head up
I am thankful he can breathe normally
I am thankful he can see straight
I am thankful he doesn’t have head pain
I am thankful he can wiggle his toes
I am thankful he can eat and drink
I am thankful he is home
I am thankful he is smiling
I will be thankful when he can walk
I will be thankful when he can go to school by himself
I will be thankful when he and his brother can wrestle
I will be thankful when he graduates
I will be thankful when he becomes a father
I was thankful yesterday
I am thankful today
I will be thankful tomorrow


  1. JUST AMAZING! I am Thankful for your family touching my life in ways you will never even know!


  2. I can't even get through reading the entire post without saying I can't believe Ty said that! I'm on the floor. This is amazing!

  3. I'm so happy and grateful too! I love Lou's poem. It's awesome! I filled with thankfulness. xoxoxoxo

  4. Hi Cindy! I just want to let you know that we live in Brazil, miles and miles afar from your family, and ever since I read an article about Ty on, he has been on our prayers on a daily basis! You are not alone! My kids, a 5 and a 4 year old boys, are always lifting Ty up in prayer! Thanks for your posts, it is so good to know that you are all doing great!

  5. Beautiful post and poem. So happy that your family has so much to be thankful for this year. Thank you for sharing your experiences with us.

  6. What a beautiful and touching poem. So happy u guys got to enjoy Thanksgiving w your family and not in a hospital. I see Ty continuing to make great strides and shock us all. Happy Thanksgiving to all of you! xoxo