Sunday, November 20, 2011

Healing in Mexico

Home sweet home.  It was a short trip, but well worth it.  Lou and I never expected Ty to have as much fun as he did.  At home, he is very, very reluctant to get out of his comfort zone.  He would hardly ever set foot in a pool unless he was forced to, he doesn't like to be outdoors (especially in the sun since his skin is so sensitive), and he doesn't like crowds of people he doesn't know.  We came prepared with DVDs so he could watch them outside on a lounge chair.  Books to keep him occupied.  A few favorite toys.  We thought we have to bend over backwards just to get him to sit outside with us for more than 10 minutes at any given time.  Boy were we wrong!  Instead, he was saying "More swimming! More sandcastles!  More walking!  More FOOD!?!?!"  He had at least one filet mignon every day - my prince.  I cried so many happy tears.  He was like a new kid.  It was another incredible turning point on his road to recovery.

Several things happened during our trip that could be considered coincidence, but I think otherwise.  We arrived late the first night, and Ty's star was shining so bright down by the ocean.  We were told there was a long streak of terrible weather before we arrived, but we had nothing but clear blue skies every day.  One day, there was even a cloud in the sky in the shape of a T!!  I have proof and I will post the photo soon :)  Another day we sat near a family that had children the same age and I noticed the woman was looking at Ty a lot (most people do, because they are curious. I don't mind at all).  It turns out I sat next to them again at dinner and she began asking me about him.  She happened to be a radiation therapist who knew his hair loss must have been a result of radiation, but it took her a while to ask me.  She ended up reassuring me about some things that never quite returned to normal since Ty completed his last course of radiation therapy and she made me feel so much better.  She doesn't work specifically in pediatrics, either, and I am pretty sure she and her husband left dinner that night with a new love in their hearts for Ty Campbell, and thanking God for the health of their own two beautiful babies. 

All through this vacation, I couldn't help comparing it to our Make A Wish trip to Disney last year.  How different it was!   Our Disney trip was the most memorable and forever will be, but that's probably because we were told his condition was terminal.  At the time, his tumors were growing so fast we were told to prepare for his passing in 6 weeks or so (how any parent is supposed to do that is beyond me, but okay).  Every moment of our trip to Disney was a first and a last.  Ty's first time on a plane.  Ty's first time meeting Mickey Mouse.  Ty's first time seeing animals at a zoo.  Ty's first time at an amusement park.  We were on a mission to "do it all" and I would save every little thing I could get my hands on (you should see his "keepsake" BOXES - yes there are several of them filled to the brim).  I would shove my face in his dirty laundry and relish in his smell.  He was on so much morphine and such high steroids, none of us slept a wink for months and months and months.  We just wanted to do, do, do and give Ty everything we could. 

On the contrary, this trip to Mexico was a vacation focused on healing.  Ty was 100% free of all medication (we will start up his daily chemo again tomorrow, but couldn't risk it while being away).  We didn't rush, we didn't plan, we just tried to enjoy Ty and Gavin and enjoy the beauty of where we were.  The only non-relaxing activity Lou and I indulged in was a jaunt on waverunners and all I can say is "YAAAA HOOOOO!!!!!"  I drove that thing full throttle, jumping over wave after wave, for a half hour.  My hair whipping behind me, I yelled and laughed out loud the entire time.  It was so liberating!  I felt so happy, finally, and so aware of how beautiful life can be for the first time in a long time.  I am so blessed.  Every living thing on this beautiful earth is a miracle and God is indeed good.   Goodnight everyone.  More tomorrow.

Oh... and I know that Gavin is confused about the "kitty" pool because when we were walking by it after dinner in the dark, I reminded him that it was the "kiddie" pool he had been swimming in earlier that day.  He said "kitty pool?"  "Yes, kiddie pool," I repeated.  Then he started crawling and meowing like a cat over and over.  He had that mixed up the rest of the trip - so cute! 


  1. What a wonderful post to read to start the week... SOOOOOO happy for all of you!!!

  2. How awesome! I cried tears of joy and laughter as I read about your adventures. Cindy, you are spot on about there NOT BEING COINCIDENCES; they are GOD WINKS! God is good, though I can't explain why bad things happen to our precious babies, I know God is healer and comforter in it all. No doubt in my mind that the star and the beautiful "T" cloud were from God to remind you HE IS ALWAYS THERE and HE LOVES YOU ALL. The plans He must have for Ty! HAPPY THANKSGIVING. I know we will all be praising God at our Thanksgiving table this year and thanking Him for healing the amazing Super TY. Love to you all

  3. Awesome! Just awesome! I think that says it all! :)


  4. My whole body is tingling after reading this post. I am so very happy for you all:) You so deserved some time away from it all and I'm so glad that's exactly what you got! Keep smiling... you're on the down slope now. The rest will be a breeze compared to what your last year has been like. Have a wonderful thanksgiving:)
    Michelle from N.H.

  5. That is exactly what I've been waiting to hear.. Relaxation, healing, FUN, laughter, good food, free spirit! I'm so happy for you and that you guys got the trip u all deserve especially little Ty Bear! And filet mignon no that's a vacation! Glad to see ur back safe and sound xoxo
    Love Allison :)