Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Pajama Day

I had a lot of fun with Ty and Gavin today.  Gavin was a little off the wall, but he makes up laugh.  Ty is feeling so much better with the exception of a nagging cough.  I give him a prophylactic antibiotic in order to avoid the development of pneumonia (should he become congested in his lungs), but I think this will subside in a few more days.  He is tired from the new meds, but in such great spirits.  I am so happy that he is happy and having fun, regardless.  You should see him walking!  I will have to post a video soon, he barely needs support anymore.  He is doing great!!  Today we started supporting him with only one arm to help his balance and he is otherwise doing so much of it on his own.  I am beaming all over whenever he goes for a walk around the house.  He gets around so much by scooting across the floor, too, that I actually lost him twice in the last week.  Can you imagine how great it felt to have to peek around the corner in the kitchen to find out where he was?  It was amazing.  He finally has some mobility which allows him to play so much more independently.   

There are two things weighing on my mind tonight, but not terribly.  First, I wish Ty didn't have to stay home from preschool for such a long stretch because I worry that it will be difficult for me to get him back into the routine.  I think I'll get his bloodwork done locally tomorrow to see where we are at.  You should have heard the little actor when I told him we should stay home from school because he was a little congested last week.  "Yeah... I have cough... I can't go school... maybe some gummy worms will make me peel bedda?"  This was first thing in the morning, mind you. 

Second, I wish he wasn't losing his hair again after all this time.  It isn't falling out in clumps like it has in the past, but it is noticeably thinner and he's losing a little more each day.  I thought since we lowered the dose of his daily chemo that maybe this would stop, but it hasn't so far.  On the bright side, Lou and I did notice some very slight hair growth on his giant bald spot in the back!  This is so reassuring.  We are hoping that maybe the permanent hair loss from radiation to the back of his head won't always be as prominent as it is right now. 

In re-reading the previous paragraph I realize how lucky I am that we continue looking so far into Ty's future and I apologize for any negativity otherwise.  Take every hair on his head, that's the least of our concerns.  We will do whatever it takes.  We are so blessed and so grateful. 

The past few days have been pajama days at our house.  Those can be the best days of all :)  Gavin and Ty are gearing up for Halloween by preparing their bellies.  They have been indulging in candy like crazy and the trick or treating is still almost a week away!  I just ordered a pound of Dr. John's Sugar Free lollipops to see if I can put a stop to their inevitable cavities!

Here's Ty enjoying an ice pop at Aunt Debi's and Gavin goofing around with some "vampire" teeth that we received from the Allen family. 

Goodnight everyone.  Sweet dreams.


  1. So Happy to hear Ty is almost walking on his own! Look out when he does start walking on his own. Pajama days are fun for parents too.

    God Bless
    Prayers from Texas,


  2. Cindy -

    Thank you for the continued updates. So glad that both of your boys are thriving. Don't ever worry or apologize for having negative thoughts or expressing them here. You are one of the strongest women I know, and your family inpsires so many people to continue to be strong in the face of adversity.

    Love and prayers from IL,

  3. My family and I love your updates, Cindy. We think of you, Ty, Lou and Gavin all the time. You guys are such an inspiration. So glad to hear SuperTy is walking! We will keep sending positive thoughts your way.

    Ashley Tarr & family