Thursday, October 13, 2011

Fred's Team - NYC Marathon

Many of you may already know that Lou will be running his first marathon in honor of Ty.  The training has been rigorous, but Ty's strength inspires Lou to succeed.  I am so proud of him!  He is running as part of Fred's Team to raise money for cancer research. Named for Fred Lebow, legendary runner and founder of the NYC Marathon, Fred was diagnosed with cancer in 1990. He dedicated his 1992 NYC Marathon to cancer research for Memorial Sloan Kettering Cancer Center (MSKCC) and raised nearly a million dollars.  Since its inception in 1995, Fred’s Team has raised more than $42 million to fund pioneering research that saves lives and brings hope.  Fred’s Team has been a major source of pediatric cancer research.  Please read Lou's story below.  If you wish to support him, please vist 

Help me Make a Difference in the Race against Pediatric Cancer
My name is Louis Campbell, the proud father of Ty Louis Campbell. When Ty was just under 3 years old, over one year ago, he was diagnosed with cancer.

I have competed in many running races, and over the past couple years I"ve developed a passion for triathlons. So running is not new to me. However, 26.2 miles will be a first for my giant frame! The New York City Marathon has always been on my bucket list, but now I have a very special reason to run it.

In the past I have always made such a big deal about my birthday. Before Ty got sick, I always imagined my 40th birthday would involve some kind of exotic trip or extravagant party. However, not too long ago, my wife asked me what we should do for my birthday and I said that I just want to celebrate with Ty.

So this year, on my 40th birthday (November 6, 2011), my sister Debi and I will be running the NYC Marathon for Fred's Team to honor my son. Ty will be there to meet us at the finish line and wish me a happy birthday.

Ty has been receiving treatment at MSKCC for the past year and is still fighting strong. Ty's cancer is in the central nervous system. It is very rare, very aggressive, and to put it simply he has been to hell and back. Below represents some of the (new normal) that Ty has been subjected to over the past year.

· 365+ days of cancer
· 167 nights in a hospital bed
· 16 surgeries
· 44 rounds of radiation therapy
· More than 50 CT and MRI scans

On Sunday November 6th, I will dedicate this marathon to pediatric cancer research to help the children who were crying when I fell asleep and who were still crying when I awoke during the 167 of the 365 nights I spent with Ty and my wife on the 9th floor at MSKCC.

Please help me to exceed my fundraising goal toward pediatric cancer research. All donations are tax deductible and if you own a business your generosity will either go to cancer research or to the government who will tax you on it as of December 31st.

So many of my friends, family, neighbors and even complete strangers have already made very generous donations on my son's behalf. Please know that my family and I are so blessed and we thank you from the bottom of our hearts. I hope our story will inspire those who can to continue donating to the cause until there is a cure. We will never stop asking as long as there are families like mine and children like Ty who fight for their lives every day.

Thank you



  1. you keep me humble and thank you for allowing us into your lives!! i pray constantly for Ty! I wish there was more i could do! Keep up the great work!

  2. One day Ty and his Daddy will run many marathons! Ty is truly a miracle and I pray for him and your family every night. God bless you as he continues to give your family strength.

    Prayers from Texas,

  3. Thanks Ty, Gavin and Louie for sharing your day with Lia and I - we enjoyed the show. I also really enjoyed seeing how well your beautiful boy is doing. You have an amazing Mellie! She shows such love and care to those boys. It is clear her beauty runs from the inside out. Cindy I must say your own amazing person brings these wonderful people into your circle. It may not change what your going through but provides some comfort. Hope YOU enjoyed your weekend .

  4. Just saw you on NBC! So glad to see TY taking steps. One day he will be running the marathon too!