Saturday, October 1, 2011

Birthday Blessings

Today is my birthday.  When I was pregnant with Ty, my due date was supposed to be October 1st and I remember how much I hoped that he wouldn't be born on that day so I wouldn't have to "share" my big day (and my cake).  He was born on October 4th, and I was pleased.  Today, we celebrated Ty's birthday instead of mine because it is Saturday and it made the most sense to invite all of our family over for a weekend party.  Naturally, I could care less!  I had the best day ever celebrating Ty.  I can't believe he is here with us and getting so strong.  It is a dream come true and the best birthday gift ever.  He can have my birthday every year, there is no better gift than him.  Here he is with his cake, my beautiful, big, almost-four-year-old. 

Knowing that I would be crazy with Ty's party this weekend, Lou surprised me on Thursday afternoon and took me to the mall for a looooooooong overdue shopping bonanza.  I got some very necessary shoes and Fall sweaters and it felt so good to buy something pretty for me, me, me!  The funny thing is, though, we couldn't resist stopping into a children's store for Ty and Gavin during our very small window of opportunity.   I have never purchased anything from the American Eagle store "77 kids" before, so maybe this bag thing is nothing new... but me and Lou both teared up a bit when the clerk behind the counter wrote this out.  I don't think this was a coincidence.  She has no idea just how appropriate it is.

Thank you, Lou, for forcing me to get out and buy myself some new things.  I also want to thank my Pawling peeps for taking me out to dinner last night.  Ladies!  It was a very nice way for me to celebrate my birthday.  Thank you so much for such a nice night. 

Today Ty had his cousins over for a fun-filled day and I enjoyed being surrounded by family.  I love everyone so much, and watching Ty playing with his cousins was so cute.  We had a lot of fun with his new toys like his "science kit" and "creepy crawlers" lab.  We did loads of arts and crafts today.  We had a pinata that was broken open by a swift whack from his blindfolded Grandma after all the kids had a turn (how funny is that?) and I let Ty spray the whole room with blue Silly String after all of the candy was retrieved.  He laughed in hysterics when we did that.  In fact, he laughed all day long.  What a great day.  He and Gavin had so much fun, they couldn't sleep tonight.  They were just too wired, and I didn't care about keeping them up late.  In fact, Ty is asleep in Lou's arms right now (11:30PM) because he refused to go up to bed while the Yankee game was on.  He is a fan for life :) 

As I post new photos, you may notice that Ty and Gavin are both sporting haircuts.  Yesterday they both had a trim and they look so handsome.  Unfortunately, I couldn't get any good pictures!  In the meantime, here is a fun shot of Ty with Lou until I have something better to share of the boys together with their new 'do's. 

Thank you for all of the amazing birthday wishes I received.  I am the luckiest person in the world.  I feel so blessed, thank you.  Goodnight all!  XOXO. 


  1. Mama Campbell, you need to treat yourself too otherwise you will go crazy. Happy Birthday. My son David(4) was born 2 days after my wife's B day and she felt the same. Go Yankees!

    Prayers from Texas.

  2. Happy, Happy, Happy, Happy Birthday. It is really so wonderful to hear of the "normal" in your life.

  3. Happy Birthday Cindy! May God continue to grant you the strength to handle everything that comes your way!

  4. Sorry I'm so late in wishing you a Happy Birthday but I haven't been on the computer much and am just catching up with Ty's stories today. I'm so happy you had such a magical and joyful day and that Ty experienced great laughs all day long. That in inself was prob the best present. Hoping and praying you have the happiest year yet! xoxo