Tuesday, July 19, 2011


The vacation fun continues!  First, Ty went to the hospital with just Lou this morning, and I slept late!  It was incredible.  I had the morning to myself because Amela was watching Gavin.  I went down to the beach late, and Lou met me there after he got home from radiation for a swim in the ocean together.  This was the first time we EVER left Ty alone with Gavin and Amela babysitting, and it went great.  You know Ty is feeling well if he gives me any space at all, but this kind of space is actually weird for me because it is so extreme.  I didn't realize how badly I needed some real time to myself and some time alone with Lou until it actually happened.  We had such a nice morning and I hope this continues.  It will.

I cried so much before Lou got to the beach because I was alone for the first time in ages and I saw a number of toddlers playing in the sand that made me smile, and then cry.  I can't help it because I can't stop thinking about how that was TY!  Not too long ago, that was MY BABY playing in the water, shoveling the sand.... it's hard.  But it's also so good for me.  To be alone and to allow myself to be sad over what we lost.  It's okay and it's healthy and it helps me to feel better afterward.  If I wasn't allowed this luxury of solitude, I'm afraid the buildup would eventually become unbearable, so this time away from home has been very therapeutic for me.  For all of us, I think.  I mean, just look at how Ty is doing?!!?!!  He has been so happy over the past few days.  He's getting better and better and will continue to do so!!

I mentioned how much fun we had at my friends house on Friday when they set up a bouncy house for the kids.  Here are a few pictures now that Blogger is working... 
Ty is enjoying a gummy bear or something so he couldn't be bothered with smiling, but he's happy
That's Gavin, falling down the slide like a maniac
There's no denying that this kid is having fun..

And here's Ty.  See how much better his eyes are doing!  It is almost a non-issue by now.
The fun continued today, we enjoyed sushi and beer with friends, and Ty was hamming it up for everyone instead of being his usual shy self.  He is feeling good!  We are having a great time.  I expect the radiation to take its toll later this week, but for now he is still showing no signs of pain or discomfort.  We just have to be very careful about sun exposure for Ty, specifically the areas that are being radiated, so he wears one of his lighter winter hats because it is nice and snug and I can be sure those areas are covered. 

Although we are away from home, my sister-in-law has been checking in for us every day and I want to thank whoever sent a perishable package this week.  It was received and taken inside, no problem.  I just didn't want you to worry :)  Thank you so much!  It will be such a treat to come home to on Friday.  :)

XOXO love Ty and the Campbell's


  1. What a joyous post! But, you do still make me cry w/ almost every post! :)

    I can't tell you how happy I am reading about your day yesterday. It made a happy warmth come over me and I couldn't help but smile.

    Onward and upward for Ty!


  2. Amazing....God keeps hearing our prayers!!! I am completely happy for lil Ty and your family. You have a precious family and I will keep praying to God for the day lil Ty is cancer free!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! xoxoxoxoxo

  3. So glad to hear you are all having fun..
    Keep up the good work. and I look forward to more good news..

  4. Ty is such an inspiration to us all. I pray constantly for his speedy full recovery. He will win. He will beat this disease. I can't wait to see your posts when he is finally getting to be a happy little boy playing in the sand again. We love him though we have never met him. Good luck and keep on fighting!