Thursday, July 14, 2011

Papa, we love you

The past two days I came home to find my father-in-law hard at work trying to fix a number of complicated things at the house.  This is not uncommon.  In fact, after we moved in, Lou's Dad has been here at the very least once a week helping us to get things in order and fix odds and ends around the house.  He even re-tiled our fireplace and our bathroom on his own and he did an amazing job.  He is a perfectionist and I think he can do just about anything, but I worry that he is working too hard!  I mean, he's up on ladders, in our crawl spaces, lifting heavy appliances, etc.  He is unbelievable :) 

I just want to extend our thanks to "Papa," because we would be lost without him.  His birthday was on July 3rd and we had a small party in his honor but it just wasn't enough to show him how much we love him.  This picture, however, is a pretty good depiction of just how much he means to Ty.  Ty is very selective about who he allows to lay in the bed with him.  That's big love right there.

I should also mention that when we lived in Long Beach, both Papa and Nana would drive almost two hours once a week to babysit Ty when he was little.  They have always been there for us, even before Ty got sick and now more than ever. 

Ty is doing so great, it's hard to believe he is neutropenic!  Neutropenic means that his white blood cell count is next to nothing.  The white blood cells are responsible for fighting bacteria and other illnesses so it is very important that we keep him inside and away from any germs as much as possible until those counts get better.  It also means we have to give him a shot in his leg every night, and he totally hates it.  At least while he is getting radiation I can have the nurse give it to him while he's under anesthesia every morning!  Then I only have to be the bad guy on weekends.  I don't expect this will last more than a few days, anyway.  

In order to improve the brutal commute into the city every day and to enjoy some of these beautiful summer days at the beach, we decided to leave for Long Island tomorrow and head toward Long Beach for a week-long stay at our friends' house.  We are really looking forward to spending time with all of our friends there who we miss so much, and getting Ty outdoors to enjoy some fun in the sun.  Of course, I will see my Mom and Dad, too, and Ty will be excited about that.  Even though we still have to be at the hospital every day, I think this will be a nice break for the Campbell's.  One that we desperately need.  Tomorrow Ty will have his bloodwork taken again so I'm hoping for some improvement.  We are scheduled to begin Avastin, his next course of chemo, on Wednesday and I don't want this to delay anything.  Love to you all... XOXO.


  1. What a very sweet picture. I can see the love on " papa's " face. Absolutely beautiful.

    I'm so happy to hear SuperTy is doing well. I'm also so glass to hear you're going to the beach. I know from previous posts how much you all love it there and I'm sure our little fighter will have a blast. Sunshine is such a wonderful thing.

    Keeping my fingers crossed that the blood work come back on a positive note. As always, lots of prayers nd positive energy coming your way.

    All my love,

  2. Ty is a kid who keeps beating the odds over and over again(better take that boy with you to Vegas) and I'm sure this round will be no different! I continue to check in on Ty's progress daily and pray for your family. I can see from the pictures you post, especially the one with Papa, that Ty is surrounded by love and love never fails! Enjoy the beach and enjoy every blessed minute with your boys, your husband, friends and family!

  3. Such a sweet photo, I love it!

    Sun, surf, friends and family....will be a great weekend/week for y'all, and you all so deserve it. I hope y'all have a blast.


  4. Cindy & Lou,

    I just caught up from the past few days! Im so sorry to head about Ty's white blood cells. But what I have learned about Ty, is that nothing seems to ever go smothley! And even though that seems to be true, he always beats the odds! Your little incredible fighter!

    I love the pic of him and his Grandpa! He is such an angel, who is loved by so many, and thought about constantly! The local article from the patch was wonderful as well! Everyone should know Ty's story!

    Thinking about you guys always!!!!!!!!
    Team Ty :)
    Joy Marielle