Friday, July 29, 2011

Fordham Football!

Wow, Ty and Gavin both fell sound asleep tonight at 7:30 (!), and I came out of Ty's room to find that Old School just started on HBO.  Yay!!  I can't stop laughing, it's been too long since I watched this movie.  I am going to have to keep this short. 

Today, coach Tom Massella at Fordham University introduced Ty to the football team. Ty was a little shy but he still flashed the guys a bunch of his trademark smiles, he was proud to wear the Fordham hat they gave him, and he was excited about getting jerseys and a signed football from John Skelton who is now a rookie quarterback for the NFL Cardinals.

Lou and I didn’t even realize that Vince Lombardi was a graduate of Fordham and we took some pictures with Ty in front of Lombardi’s locker! So cute. I cut myself out of this picture because I was not looking cute, but Ty is :)

We spent some time with the guys in the locker room after their workout and Ty personally handed out "SuperTy" bracelets to everyone. We are invited to attend practice and any of the games and we are definitely planning on going to the game when they play West Point because it’s closer to home for us.  We will have an official "adoption" ceremony with the team and Friends of Jaclyn soon, and I look forward to sharing those photos with you.  Lou and I are really excited about this. Ty is going to feel so special being part of all this. We told Ty how the football players "beat up" the other teams just like he "beats up cancer" and he thought that was pretty cool.

Tomorrow we are off to the lake! The weather report doesn’t look that great, but I’m looking forward to putting my feet up a bit regardless. And no more 5:30AM departures for radiation treatment at the hospital! That’s the most exciting part.

We saw Ty’s team today, they can’t get over how good he looks. We won’t be starting the Temodar (chemo) on Monday because Ty’s white blood cell counts were dropping today and they need to be monitored upon our return from vacation, but hopefully Tuesday or Wednesday we can get him back on that medication. We also discussed the possibility of putting Ty back on the high dose chemo that he was given in October and November - it worked very well against the tumor - but he just isn’t a candidate yet because his bone marrow is too weak (in fact, because his white blood cell count was low today we have to give Ty GCSF injections for the next two days).  Any aggressive chemotherapy regimens just wouldn't be safe right now, I guess.  We just want to do whatever it takes so we also have a friend looking into an exciting potential alternative on our behalf (thank you Chris!).  With radiation behind us, it's hard not knowing what the best next steps are, but we are figuring it out.  For now, the best next steps are to enjoy our vacation!  Thanks to all of you for always thinking of us.



  1. I think that is just awesome that Fordham is doing all that for our little fighter. He is one special boy and deserves all the attention.

    I hope the Campbell's have a wonderful time at the lake. I pray for great weather nd incredible smiles. SuperTy, you and your family take my breath away. You are all so deserving of a fantastic week.

    All my love,

  2. ENJOY VACA! Hope you have such a great time! Super Ty is top of my prayer list as always!