Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Date night!

Need I even say more!  We got out for some alone time tonight around bedtime for the boys and I still can't even believe it happened.  Lou is already asleep on the couch (food and beer overload, I think) and I will be keeping it short.  It's already late and we need to leave by 5:30AM for the hospital tomorrow.  \

Tomorrow will be a long day because Ty is getting double radiation (one treatment at 7:30AM followed by another at 1:00PM) and a chemotherapy infustion.  This chemo sholuldn't make him too sick.  It is just to keep swelling and potential tumor growth under control until Ty is in better shape to tolerate some stronger treatments.  He should still feel okay for the rest of the week so we can continue to enjoy this time at the beach. We only have a couple more days left so I want to squeeze everything I can out of it. 

The highlights of the day included the following:
  • Ty put his feet in the water down at the ocean.  He was so scared at first, but once he got his feet wet that fear was overcome by genuine laughter.  So happy!
  • Ty continued going to the bathroom on the potty throughout the day.  He gets upset, but he's doing it!
  • During our second trip to the supermarket today, I bumped into a childhood friend (Jenn) who grew up on the same block as me when I was a kid.  We have been in touch ever since Ty got sick, but this was the first time I saw her since his diagnosis and we shared a great hug and a quick cry.
  • We kicked back with our old neighbors Regina and Patrick for a couple of beers and great conversation without the kids!
  • After visiting with friends, Lou and I rode bikes on the boardwalk and stopped by at the hotel, the Allegria, for some tuna sliders and other delicious bar food.  There was some great people watching to be had, and we fully enjoyed it. 
Thanks to everyone for all of your encouraging posts to the blog and to Ty's facebook.  Yes, we're having a great time and I hate that I am haunted in the back of my mind with a question about how long this will last.  Forever, right?  Oh God, please let that be so.  Big hugs and kissed to all of you.  Love, Ty and the rest of the Campbell clan. 


  1. This was part (the most important part) of a quote I heard yesterday, "You have to extract joy from life every single day"..that is what you do and have been doing. Despite the mountain you have been climbing you still have an unbelievable ability to do this.

  2. So happy that you and Lou were able to sneak away for some alone time. Praying that Ty continues to feel great and for a successful round of treatment.


  3. I'm so happy that you and your family are having a wonderful vacation. I can't think of any other family who deserves it more. I'm continuing to pray that Ty continues to feel great and strong through his next treatments. I can just imagine the smile on Ty's face when he touched his toes in the ocean. It brings tears to my eyes. Stay strong!

  4. Yea for another happy post w/ great friends, family and alone time....and, Ty feeling great (most importantly)! Love that he put his feet in the water and had fun!

    Hoping for a great next few days for y'all!!


  5. Cindy.

    What a great week to be at the beach, making wonderful memories. Praying for a smooth round of treatment and more happy posts like this one! : )