Tuesday, June 28, 2011

We're having our ups and downs

I should be in bed.  These steroids are just so awful.  Poor Ty was so miserable all day today.  Not at all due to pain or nausea so no worries - (phew!) - but OMG his mood!  I think I mentioned a long time ago that he used to call the steroids his "angry medicine" when he was on a regular dose of three milligrams a day back in December/January.  He used to yell as I was coming with the bottle "please don't give me the angry medicine!"  Today we just weened him from 12 milligrams a day to eight milligrams.  So, you can imagine what this is doing to him.  On the bright side, he has a ferocious appetite. He ate 11 slices of bacon, four slices of turkey, almost a dozen lollipops, three cups of blueberries, chippies (potato chips), animal crackers and pretzels.  I'm excited about that. 

Last night Ty only slept about four hours in total.  He was up at 6AM and didn't even nap once all day.  He was so tired he was actually closing his eyes while he was eating.  He went to bed around 7:30 and I can't believe I didn't climb right in.  I am going to regret it.

How predictable.  This post was just interrupted by Ty waking up (as suspected) and yelling at me that he wants his french fries.  I should have enjoyed the opportunity to sleep while I had it.  I will have to cut this short before I go get Ty out of bed and turn on Max and Ruby or some other cartoon.  Oh well.  It's gonna be a long night.

Before I go, I want to share some news about the great time we had last night with all of Ty's grandparents.  It was Nana's birthday (Lou's mom) and we had everyone over for cake.  Papa baked Nana a butter cake with chocolate icing and Ty picked out a cheesecake.  Ty also picked out the most adorable card.  When we got to the store, I was in the birthday card aisle and told Ty he could pick out Nana's card.  All of a sudden his eyes lit up and he pointed out, "THAT ONE!"  I kept pointing to all different, age appropriate cards that I thought he might be pointing to, until I realized that he was pointing to a card with IronMan, SpiderMan, Hulk and Wolverine on the cover.  "Happy Fourth Birthday" it read.  That was the card we got for Nana.  Last year he did something equally adorable.  He spotted a card with a huge banana on the front cover and said "NANA!  We should get that one!"  We love you Nana, and hope you enjoyed your birthday. 

 My parents stayed overnight and my mom is staying until Thursday.  I am so happy to have them here because I don't know how I would have made it through today without otherwise pulling my hair out.  Thanks Mom and Dad!  I love you both so much. 

Having them here also allowed me to have our great friend Liz over to color my hair and cut Gavin's hair again!  Gavin's haircut makes him look like such a big boy, I expect him to say something like, "hello mother, how are you doing this evening?"  I don't have any pictures of his new hair yet, but here is a picture from the other day of him with his long hair sportin' a 'tude.  This picture is just so Gavin.  I need to get used to him with his big boy 'do. 

Of course, I can't post a picture of Gavin without sharing one of SuperTy, so here is a recent picture of our super hero in training.  He's being shy for the camera :)

We love you all and thank you for following us on this incredible journey.  Hugs and Kisses from Ty and Gavin. 


  1. Cindy & lou,

    As always, you guys are going to have your ups and your downs. I know you will get through them.

    S happy to hear you had a great time with your family. Ty looks great and Gavin is adorable.

    Hang in there!!!! Good things are coming!!!

    Joy Marielle
    Baltimore, MD

  2. I am so glad to hear y'all are having wonderful family time....minus the sleep!

    Hopefully Ty will get so tired that he will zonk out sometime today and you can do that as well. But, if you are like me (I have a 17 month old) and was told "everytime your baby sleeps, you should sleep", but everytime Hayes would sleep, I needed to do things around the house and my mind wouldn't let me rest. It is a vicious circle! :)

    Enjoy your family time and thanks for updating all of us!


  3. I laughed so hard at the banana card, I can just picture it. I'm so glad to hear Ty is eating now, hopefully he will put on some weight before he weans off those nasty steroids.

    That picture of him is too precious and Gavin is adorable as usual. Makes my heart smile to hear you all having some normal family time together especially with the grandparents.

    As always you are all in my thoughts constantly. I look for new posts every few hours. Your writing makes me cry, smile and laugh outloud. Im sure there is lots more of the latter in my future....

    All my love to SuperTy and the entire Campbell family,


  4. Ty is looking great! Glad to hear he is eating like a big hungry bear.
    God Bless. Thinking of you from Texas.