Sunday, June 5, 2011

Sunday is a day of rest

The Campbell's spent most of the day at home, doing nothing much of anything.  Well, we did attempt to make a pizza for the first time in our pizza oven... Obviously, we have a lot to learn :)  HAHAHA!

This is not roadkill.  It is our first homemade pizza!
The Pawling Triathalon and Relay for Life in Mahopac yesterday were both wonderful.  It was a very long day, though, so I'm glad we all took it easy today.  Ty's tri team was made up of Lou, his sister Debi, and two great friends since high school, Sally and Barbara.  It was the very first triatholon for Debi, Sally and Barbara and I am just so happy that our little guy inspired them all to conquer such an amazing feat!  On that note, a friend from Long Beach, Zev, also ran his very first marathon in Ty's honor a couple of months ago.  I posted about it at the time, but it's such an amazing accomplishment that I feel I need to mention it again. 
Debi wearing the "Team Shirt"
I had never been to a Relay for Life event before.  Lou has volunteered before and explained to me what it is all about, but still I was completely taken aback at what an amazing event it is.  For those who aren't familair with it, Relay for Life is an event sponsored by the American Cancer Society where teams of people camp out at a local high school, park, or fairground and take turns walking or running around a track or path. Each team is asked to have a representative on the track at all times during the event. Because cancer never sleeps, Relays are overnight events that last up to 24 hours in length. The number of people participating is totally overwhelming and inspiring.  I totally neglected to take pictures, but I hope to get some from our friends who were there so I can post a picture of everyone taking a lap with Ty in his purple "survivor" shirt.  What a great feeling it was.  Two other friends from Lou's high school were there with us donning purple shirts.  It is so inspiring to see how many brave people are fighting cancer and how many have kicked cancer's butt!

It goes to show you that whenever you start feeling like you can't do it... think of Ty and all the pain he has endured at such a young age.  That's what keeps me going, that's for sure.  How can I be weak when he has shown such strength?

Lou gave Ty a buzz cut today.  He didn't lose his hair during this round of chemo, but it was growing back with a funny texture and started to look wild.  Besides, he begins his next cycle next week and there is a 50% chance he will lose it again, so it's easier if his hair is shorter to start off with.  He was a great sport about it.

Can you believe how strong he is getting?  There he is, sitting up straight!  When I carry him, he also holds his head out and away from my body.  I am hearing "he looks tired" a lot less from passerbys!!  That's because these days he is looking more and more wide-eyed, bushy-tailed and ready to take on the world!  If his numbers look good tomorrow (bloodwork), his doctors will decide whether or not we can add another drug to this round of chemo.  Etoposide.  It will be in conjunction with the Cisplatin that is already planned to be administed on Wednesday or Thursday.  If we do, it means Ty will get much sicker this time around.  But, it also means he is healthy enough to fight back with stronger medication and that is important.  We don't want to allow his tumors ANY breathing room.  We want to give it all we got. 

Handsome haircut (and blue lollipop lips)
There is one incident from yesterday that I just have to mention before signing off tonight.  When I was rushing to the park to see Ty's team cross the finish line during the Triathalon, there were police officers and volunteers directing traffic all over town as the bikers and runners were making their way through the course.  At the park entrance, there were two men with "Sheriff" reflector vests on and patrol hats.  I told the first gentleman that I wanted to pull into the parking lot to see my husband cross the finish line.  He said "Sure, you can park right behind that car."  When the other sheriff heard this, he came rushing over saying "No she can't, no one can enter the parking lot because runners are crossing this street."  I explained to him that I was literally going to park 50 feet ahead, and I would of course be very careful.  I told him that my three-year-old son is handicapped and I just needed to get into the parking lot. 
"I understand that, but I can't let you park here!" he told me.
"You don't understand, but that's okay.  What am I supposed to do, then?"
"You can go down that street there and see if there is some parking up the road"
"That street there?  That's a two-lane street with no shoulder, I can't park there?  He is handicapped??"
"I don't know, you can drop them off here and then try to park up the road?"
"Are you serious??  They are three and two years old, I can't drop them off and go park!!  Won't you make an exception?  He has cancer and he is a main sponsor of the race!  We just want to see his team finish the race?"
"I understand that, but I canNOT let you park here!!!"
"Okay, so I'm gonna drive up the road and park, walk down a busy street with no shoulder, strolling my three year old and two year old down the middle of the road... because THAT's the SAFE OPTION??"

And, that's what I had to do.  I was furious.  Beyond furious.  Looking back, I wish I had just pulled into the lot and dared him to give me a ticket instead.  In the time we argued, not a single runner had even passed us.  In the time I walked up the road, several cars had to drive past me and my double stroller.  I'm still fuming.  Lou was sure to complain to any and every police officer he saw on site, and he went directly to the race organizers to tell them what had happened.  I guess things like that are always going to happen, but it just made me so mad. 

Goodnight all.  Hope you had a wonderful weekend. 


  1. Ty's looking so strong; it's such a sight for sore eyes. I hope he's not too sick during his next stage of treatments, I just want him to be as happy as any other child. I'll be thinking of Ty and your family. Prayers from Canada!

  2. I am so happy that Ty has been feeling good lately.
    We had our Relay for Life three weeks ago and my wife and
    I lit a luminary in honor of Ty. I hope you can post a picture
    of him in his purple shirt. My wife would love to see that. She
    wore one for the second year this year. Her chemo was also
    At every Iron Riders MC meeting, myself or Johnna give a Ty
    update. We really hope he can make the picnic in July .
    God Bless .

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  4. ty looks soooo incredibly awesome and i pray he is feeling incredibly awesome. sorry to hear about what jerks the "sheriffs" can be and show no sympathy :( but you are a super strong mother and you dont let anything get you down!! ALWAYS ALWAYS PRAYING FOR LIL SUPER TY !!!

  5. I think your "roadkill" pizza looks wonderful. I also think Ty looks INCREDIBLE!! My goodness the love that wells up inside of me when I see his smiling face, it just amazes me. You amaze me Cindy. I am inspired by you time after time, when things get overwhelming with my twin autistic boy, to remain calm and understanding. I thank you for thatA.

    All my love,