Thursday, June 30, 2011

A simple procedure, just like we were hoping for

In fact, it turned out to be an even easier surgery than we expected this morning. Ty slept well last night, despite the fact that they woke us up every hour on the hour to shine a light in his eyes and take his blood pressure. He woke up surprisingly cheery. His eyes were still terribly crossed, but he was so cute with his doctor. when he was leaving the room today Ty said, "Hey Doc! See ya way-ta.". In fact, he was in such good spirits while being rolled off to the OR, he didn't even require any anti-anxiety meeds in advance. He just kissed Lou and I goodbye with a smile while our hearts were in our stomachs.

Ty returned two hours later without a new shunt. That's right. When they opened him up in his belly to check the tubing, whatever debris had collected inside cleared itself and it began flowing perfectly. To be on the safe side, they also opened him up on top of his head to check the function of the valve and it was working perfect. The neurosurgeon felt he shouldn't replace the hardware since it was now working at 100 percent. I am happy about his decision, but so upset that he has another two huge incisions that will take a long time to heal. My biggest concern is that we are missing something, but the imaging was otherwise clear and Ty's eyes are already drastically improved which gives us much relief.

It's so incredibly frustrating and exhausting, but of course we are so happy that all is well with our little fighter. Now we just need to get him off of the angry medicine so he stops barking rude demands all day and all night. He is driving us crazy right now because he is so unhappy being confined to his hospital bed again. He won't give us a minute's peace. He should be weaned by Monday or Tuesday.

We are so looking forward to a nice fourth of July weekend at home with the family. Please let this be the last speed bump we are faced with for a while. We may begin a three week course of radiation therapy as early as next week, but those details haven't been finalized yet so we will keep you posted. In the meantime, we expect to be discharged tomorrow morning and we are counting the minutes.

Superty does it again! He is our champ!


  1. I can't help but smile and be so thankful that Ty caught a break today. No more new shunts until he’s out grown it, PLEASE. It's a holiday weekend in Canada as well, so have fun, be safe and give Ty and Gavin lots of love. I will be thinking of your family often and can't wait to hear how good a time you all had.
    Prayers from Canada!

  2. Phew. The Angelous are thrilled to hear that you caught the tiniest break and we wish you a peaceful weekend. I've been checking in all day for an update and i'm so glad to read this one. I am amazed by Ty - i feel connected to him as if I've always known him... so much of that is due to your beautiful writing (and the fact that my children are Ty and Gavin's ages and I've heard so much about Ty through my mother in law, Beryl - Kids By the Sea). We think about you and your AMAZING family every day and we send so much love and positive energy towards you. Keep fighting! Keep fighting! And, keep enjoying every minute together! You all remain our heros. From our entire family to yours - Janah and Zev Angelou

  3. God Bless you guys! Victory is right around the corner!

    Have a Happy 4th!

  4. Yea! I am so happy! I checked your blog once more before leaving work and there was a HAPPY post! :)

    Hoping for a peaceful night for you all!


  5. GOOOOOOOOOOO SuperTY!!!!!
    So glad to hear it!!!!
    God Bless you CAMPBELLS!
    The Ferranti's

  6. Sooooooooo happy to hear it all went great!
    You see, no need to be worry.
    Now is the time to gather your strengths for the next round.

    Slowly but surely, Ty will come around. He has a great team in his corner beginning with Mom, Dad and God!

    I hear flip flops :)

    Now let him complain all he wants <
    He has a reason. Be mad at those who complain without one.

    Now is a great time to go back to that church you visited, light a candle and give thanks!

    Be thankful for what you have; you'll end up having more. If you concentrate on what you don't have, you will never, ever have enough. - Oprah Winfrey

  7. I love you so much SuperTy. Hope the Campbell family has a fantastic trip home and an even better 4th!!!!

    God Bless you all,

  8. He was so cute tonight, he offered me a lick from his ring pop. (don't worry I didn't take him up on it) but he made my night.
    so happy the day went well. hope you all get a good night sleep.

  9. Yeah!! Go TY. I am so happy for you all. God Bless.

  10. YEAH.... so happy for Ty and you all! I check this post so many times per day, just so I know how "our" boy is doing! All the way in Dublin Ohio I have so many people who know about Ty and are praying for him daily! My prayer is that this 1/2 way through the year point will lead to the best 1/2 for all of you! Thank you for updating so faithfully, you have friends everywhere that are lifting you up in prayer and cheering on SuperTy! Hugs and best wishes from here... we love you! Lynn Salyer

  11. That is fantastic news! I'm so glad that Ty caught a little break. I am amazed by his strength. Ty has so many people praying and thinking about him everyday. We will all continue to do so. He has touched so many lives. Thank you for sharing his amazing story with all of us. Your writing is so pure and honest. I feel like we are all going through this journey with you. I pray that Ty will be able to enjoy the summer and do some simple kid things real soon. Enjoy the weekend with. God bless.

    Ann from Buffalo

  12. Great news! Ty is such a trooper! Hoping your family has a wonderful holiday weekend.


  13. once again God has heard our prayers. thank you God. always LOVE to hear good news thank you for updating as often as you do, i too check your blog several times a day hoping to see only good news but when its not good just know that everyone is praying with you. we will keep praying for lil Ty's miracle and pray that God keeps hearing us. hope you have a wonderful weekend and 4th of july. we love you Ty and family <3 <3 <3

  14. This is so wonderful! Ty truely is a reel fighter! Go Ty!!