Thursday, June 9, 2011

Chemo - Round 4

My mom and I are sitting with Ty as his next cycle of chemo begins.  It involves a six hour infusion of Cisplatin that will remain in his system for 28 days.  We are also adding an oral chemo called Temodar (when I last posted about this I was mistaken when I thought it was going to be Etoposide).  The Temodar is intended to add a bit more punch to his regimen.  It will help Ty to beat up the cancer :) 

Ty tolerated the last round of Cisplatin very well, with the exception of his loss of appetite and altered taste he was really feeling good.  I hope he will do just as well this time around, knowing that we can expect the worst reaction over the first 48 hours.  Today and tomorrow will be rough, but he should begin to feel better over the weekend.  As for the Temodar, the biggest side effect concern is constipation.  Certainly no big deal considering all that Ty has been through, otherwise.  He can certainly tolerate that, he is plenty experienced because that is also a huge side effect of morphine. 

I am disappointed that we couldn't begin yesterday because now Ty won't be able to stop by the Chico's store during the fundraiser today.  I am going to pop in and represent the Campbell's, though.  I can't wait to see his adorable picture out in front of the store.  It's very exciting and his doctor's are all very happy about it knowing that all proceeds will be donated to pediatric brain tumor research here at Sloan Kettering. 

In the big toy room here at the day hospital I bumped into another little boy who played Bingo with us weeks ago on the inpatient side.  Frankie.  He is totally adorable and he looks AMAZING!!  It is very helpful to see him looking so good.  He is here for a week of radiation intended to wipe out any remaining cancer cells in his abdomen and then he will be free and clear and off to Pre-K in September.  YAY!  I can't wait to report similar success for Ty.  He can do it, too.  I just know it.  I was so excited for such great news (for a change). 

My cell phone has been broken for several days and I am anxiously awaiting a new one in the mail.  It's too bad because I wish I could share a picture of Ty right now.  He is eating a huge buttered roll and watching Blue's Clues as if it's nothing.  I am so proud of him, always.  If I don't get a chance to update you all later today, I will be sure to post again tomorrow.  Thanks to everyone for thinking of us and praying for Ty. 


  1. I have been trying to post the last week and have had a hard time doing so. I wanted you to know that I haven't stopped thinking of Ty and his family. I watched the haircut video a handful of times. Ty's smile just melts my heart! Ty has to pull through this, the whole country and even further is praying and pulling for that little guy. I am sure this blog will continue with everything positive and cancer free! Ty can beat this... I feel it:)

  2. Thinking of you Ty! You are sooo strong! My 5 yr olds son says grace every night before dinner and always starts it off with "please God, please heal the little boy Ty. You know how his body works. Please heal him." He tells perfect strangers about Ty and even asked at daycare if he could pray for him before eating. SOOOO many positive thoughts and prayers come your way 24/7 from SOO many people! You put things into perspective when I am having a bad day. You WILL kick this!

  3. WHOOHOOOOOOO!! Ty you look awesome!!

    Keep up the great fight you can do this!!

    Love and Prayers!! :)

  4. I'm so glad to hear he is doing well!

    I have to tell you Cindy.. My son had a rough weekend/week with being ill and seizing and we really don't know what's wrong with him. Every time I start to feel overwhelmed I stop myself and say "Woah... Look at what Cindy is going through.. really? You're going to complain about THIS?!?! Toughen up!" And I feel better and stronger. You, Ty, and your family are such an inspiration to us all.

    Keep fighting, Ty will beat this!

  5. I am so happy that Ty is doing so great. I agree with the others that you and your family - especially Ty are an inspiration to so many of us. He is such an amazing little guy. I am praying that he handles this next round of chemo well and that you will get the results that you are hoping for. Please know you are in so many people's thoughts and prayers daily!

    Stay strong- you are a fantastic mom.

    Ann- Buffalo

  6. It is true Cindy you have inspired people to run everyday problems through a " Cindyscope" and allowing me(for one) to make less of more and let go of a lot. I have thought many a time...I am sure Cindy would swap problems on many days. Your blog continues to touch, inspire and educate people in addition of keeping people informed of Ty's progress. You are amazing in so many ways.

  7. I can't stop saying it... I LOVE TY!!! He continues to amaze me with his strength. YOU continue to amaze me with your strength. I talk about Ty and his amazing family all the time. Keep strong and positive. This will come to an end and Ty WILL be happy and healthy, I just know it.

    All my love,