Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Preparing for a very big day tomorrow

I don't know why I just wrote that as the title to this post.  There really is no way to prepare for tomorrow's surgery.  We aren't doing anything different other than trying not to think about it too much and saying silent prayers every chance we get.  Knowing that tomorrow could go very well or very poorly is something I try not to even think about in order to get through the night, so instead we have spent the day doing pretty normal things.  We read books with Ty, we ate pizza, we had lots of visits from family and we are wrapping it up watching Toy Story 3 and Curious George. 

If you've been following Ty from his previous surgeries, you may recall seeing pictures of him with the special "stickers" on his head that provide the GPS mapping to guide the endoscope.  It's really pretty amazing.  Here's a photo of Ty with his stickers for tomorrow.  I think he looks so strong and so beautiful in his "hat" that they made from a towel in the OR today (he had a minor surgery to remove his VP shunt... again...  in preparation for tomorrow). 

And, here's a shoutout to his brother Gavin.  He climbed on top of Ty and pretended to be sleeping just the other day and I thought it was adorable.  Look at his smile, who does he think he's fooling?  We will miss him so much during this extended hospital stay. 

Please pray for Ty and pray for his surgeons.  Thank you so much for caring.  With love to you all from Ty and the rest of the Campbell's.  XOXO. 


  1. My family and I have been praying for yours. However, you made a vaild point. We will also pray for his medical and surgical teams that the Holy Spirit gives them strength, energy, and knowledge to beat up the cancer.
    With Love,

  2. Ty is such an amazing little fellow. Prayers and love are coming your way fron Illinois, for you, Lou, Ty, Gavin and the entire team that is fighting to beat cancer for Ty!

    In words that are near to mine and my husband's heart - Semper Fi!


  3. Good luck tomorrow, Cindy. May God bless you, Louis, and your lovely boy. -- Eric Liebman

  4. Love and prayers from my whole family. You guys show such amazing strength, and I know that that strength will guide Ty's surgeons and all of the nurses and doctors working with them.

    Ty.... go knock that cancer's lights out for good.

    Ev (and Elisha)

  5. I have been following your blog for some time now. I saw it on my friends FB page. But I never knew who you were. I went to Oneonta with Lou. When I realized that I "knew" who you were it was like I was hit with a ton of bricks. I spent most of the day yesterday refreshing your blog page waiting for an update. I prayed for you all day. I will continue to pray. Your son is a precious angel and I pray that you experience a MIRACLE. I pray for Ty to have no more pain and to be 3 years old - a magical, fun age. I pray for all of you that you feel peace and comfort. I pray...

  6. Cindy it's so cool how many "strangers" are following the blog. I love it!!! Wow! Thank you everyone!

    I am so grateful for the surgeons and how hard they have worked in order to do what they do. Today they are divinely guided in every thought and motion. I imagine the operating room and everything in it glowing with perfect, white light and I know it is a perfect surgery in every way. SUPER!

  7. We have never met, but your whole family has constantly been in my thoughts and prayers since the moment I learned of your gorgeous boy last fall. I was lying in bed last night and didn't want to fall asleep because I just wanted more moments to pray for Ty today. Know that love surrounds you and even if we haven't met we are holding your hands and holding you up from near and far. I continue to pray for healing, comfort and peace for all of you. If we know anything about our little ones they are resilient and when they want something they will stop at nothing to get it...right? Go beat it up Ty!

  8. Good Luck Today!!!! I'm praying for Ty. He is such a cute strong little fighter. I know he is going to beat this cancer. He is such an inspiration. I will be thinking of him today and always...xoxoxoxo!!!!

  9. Cindy, I have been checking the posts all day, even though I know what you are going through.THE POST IS THE LAST THING ON YOUR MIND.. I couldnt stop praying for him all morning at work.. I even had my patients praying with me........ GOD BE WITH TY TODAY AND FOREVER... HOPE AND PRAY TO HEAR GOOD NEWS... LOVE, KATHY BRUNELLE

  10. We went to HS with Lou and we are so concerned for your little boy. We have been praying all day, our church prayer chain of over 350 people were all praying today. We continue to pray that Ty is restored back to perfect health and that his doctors continue to be guided in Ty's best interest. Our kids go to St Joes and they will all be mentioning Ty's name for all the school children to be praying for him. Keep fighting little man. Alex and Leslie Curtis

  11. I think GOD is with you all you just need to have all the faith in the world. God never leaves no one alone. FAITH thats all you need and everything is going to be fine and all of this is going to be like a nightmare that you had is just going to be a dream. i know that Ty is a strong little man and he has so much to do in the future he is going to be telling his kids and gran-kids his story. just have faith everything is going to be alright..! GOD BLESS ALL OF YOU! WITH MUCH LOVE!