Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Luckiest mom in the world

I stare at Ty so often throughout the day that he is starting to roll his eyes at me. It's funny. He is just so beautiful and so special to me, I can't help it. Despite everything, when I am looking at his soft, innocent face I know I am the luckiest mom in the world. I know I'm not alone. I think most parents feel this way and it's a great feeling. What life's all about, really.

Not knowing what was happening with Ty was a wonderful escape when he was inexplicably improving, but now Lou and I are getting very anxious. We have an MRI scheduled for Tuesday and we're hoping that a good amount of blood will have been reabsorbed so we can have a more accurate picture of what we're dealing with at the original tumor site, and what might be the best approach (i.e. surgery, vs. continuing his original chemotherapy regimen, etc.). Unfortunately, we are afraid the imaging next week will not show us any significant change because he hasn't changed very much clinically since we returned home. That would just complicate our medical decisions with more ambiguity. We were hoping for faster improvements on many levels. The good news is, his pain has decreased significantly. FINALLY! The kid gets some sort of a break.

So, until next week, we are very unclear on next steps, timing, etc. It is completely nerve racking. Thank you for your continued prayers and positivity. Please keep it coming :)


  1. It's completely nerve wracking to wait and I suppose if I multiplied that by a million, that is how you feel.

    However, my positive thoughts for Ty's health are always sky-rocketing through the universe. I TRULY BELIEVE that there is a way for Ty to make a complete recovery. Of course there is a way! In fact there is more than a way. There are many, many, many ways.

  2. Cindy and Lou:

    Ty IS getting healthier! You are witnessing the miracle. The fact the pain is receding in itself is GREAT news. Ty has a couple of days to continue getting better.

    The power of LOVE, FAITH, PRAYER, PATIENCE & HOPE are the key, but your nurturing is the best.

    We all love you and continue praying and giving thanks for the health in Ty!

  3. I could never justify or know the pain and horror Ty has had to endure, but I will say that Ty is equally as lucky to have such great parents taking care of him.

  4. you are by far the luckiest mom in the world to have such a wonderful boy like Ty. Positive thoughts and prayers coming your way always!

  5. Many, many prayers are being said for your beautiful son Ty!

  6. Each of my children mentions Ty by name every night in their prayers. He is such a special boy and you are very special mom!

  7. Lots and lots of prayers to you and your family. Ty is so adorable.

  8. Hi Ty, I heard you went by the bank on thurs. I was sorry to have missed you, when you pass by with your mom it really makes my day. sending love and prayers your way. I think about you every single day......

    P.s. we're saving your favorite lollipop color for you.

  9. I often think of your sweet boy Tyler and the rest of your family. I graduated with Lou at M.H.S. He has my prayers!!!!

  10. Hi,

    While reading your story my eyes filled with tears.I thought I was the supermom to juggle between work and kids and balancing everything but after i read your blog I feel i am nothing compared to you.You and your family is really Great.I wish..really Wish Tyler gets well soon..All the Best..

    Hey Tyler...Get well soon..I want to see your New videos of having fun with your brother soon..waiting for them..Luv You a lot