Friday, January 14, 2011

We continue to hold our breath

Ty was very sleepy today.  He was napping for an abnormal amount of time.  I was reluctant to call the doctor at first because I had given him Benadryl for his itchies, and I thought that was probably making him tired.  After five hours, however, we started to worry.  We could wake him up, but he fell right back to sleep in no time, and that's just not normal.  Then we noticed he wet himself.  He was loopy.  We ended up rushing to the hospital, frantically yelling, shaking, slapping his chubby cheeks for the entire 90 minutes in an effort to keep him awake so he wouldn't slip into a coma.  The neurosurgeon said his hydrocephalys appeared so bad upon his arrival, he's not sure Ty would have woken up tomorrow morning.

Can you believe this!?!?!  I mean, at this point nothing should surprise me but COME ON!  The neurosurgury team believes Ty's shunt is clogged in the tubing, and that his valve was set too high for the amount of intracranial pressure he was experiencing.  That's why he just wasn't getting better.  We discussed this following the MRI yesterday and the doctors had flagged it as a serious issue.  In fact, we had an OR booked for early next week to revise the shunt.  We obviously didn't anticipate that it would get this bad so quickly, though.  It was absolutely terrifying.  I am still shaking. 

We were in touch with his doctors on the way in and there was a full team waiting for us on arrival.  It was like we were in a movie, it was so surreal.  They immediately drained two large syringes of CSF fluid from his head, and Ty became more lucid right after that.  Lou accompanied him into the OR while I cried and prayed in the waiting room.  He is okay, and he is going to be okay. 

I feel like I should be used to this by now, but no matter how many complications we have faced already it just doesn't get any easier.  If all goes as planned, we should be home as early as Sunday. 


  1. I am so sorry you guys had to go thru such a scare like this!! Thank God he is ok.
    Love and prayers,Raena

  2. How very scary, Cindy. I'm glad he's ok. We love you all! Call us when you're back and settled. Rachel

  3. My friend Charlie Gamper asked me to pray for you and gave me your link. I am a peciatric nrse and a prayerful person. I ask God to be with you and to carry all of you through the entire process of recovery.