Saturday, January 22, 2011


Today I am going to bed so happy.  Ty didn't have a very good morning and he slept quite a bit in the afternoon, but this evening he was simply edible.  He woke up with an appetite for the first time in days (he wanted steak and ice cream), he was wide awake with few complaints about pain or tummy aches, he made two trips to the toy room and he even did some arts and crafts. 

We were also visited by some of our best friends over the past couple of days, which always helps brighten our days.  Christina, Catherine, Debi, Rich, Rudy and Lynda - thank you.  And of course Nana, Poppa and Pop-Pop - no one can put a smile on Ty's face like his grandparents can :)

When Lou and I both sleep at the hospital Ty usually plays jokes on us, teasing about who will be lucky enough to sleep with him at night.  Tonight, he said he wanted me to sleep with him so I made up a nice fresh bed, got him all comfy, started setting up the chair/bed for Lou next to us when he decided to tell me that he changed his mind and wants to sleep with Daddy instead.  He must have noticed my sad face because he said "I still love you, Mommy.  I love you big much."  I love him big, huge, giant much, too.

Now I'm listening to him say his prayers with his Daddy, asking for no more cancer for all the children in the hospital.  His little angel voice saying "I wuv you, God.  Amen," is probably the cutest thing ever. 

Good night everyone.  We will have an MRI on Monday or Tuesday and then we can go home.  We meet with the various teams on Wed or Thursday to review the results and decide on next steps.  It's a happy night, but of course we are all missing Gavin who has been home with Grandma these few days :)


  1. what a sweet compassionate darling he is. thinking of everyone else going through the same thing. lots of prayers coming from CO today and always. xoxoxoo michaela

  2. Sweet little Gavin - good thing he is such a good sport.

    Ty has done so well. He is amazing. Thank god he is still here with us and we continue to get good news and hope amongst complications.

    These scans are so difficult to wait for. Show us a miracle. Show us a miracle. Show us a miracle.

    There is no such thing as statistics for us! We believe strongly in the cancer shrinking and disappearing. IT CAN HAPPEN FOR US!!!!!!!!!

  3. We hope you are in the swing of good things to come.

    We believe, we are thankful for the miracle Ty is showing and will show this coming week.
    You will all continue in our thoughts, hearts and prayers. We love you very, very much!

    Remember: these days will soon be in the past.