Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Check this out!

We are NOT home from the hospital tonight, but at least it has nothing to do with Ty's health.  It was purely the fault of administration at Memorial Sloan Kettering.  It happens.  We've been admitted to three different hospitals countless times over the past 6 months and it doesn't matter if we are there for 24 hours or 24 days, discharge is always a circus!  The good news is that Ty had his lumbar puncture today and he isn't showing signs of any additional infection in his spinal fluid.  Phew!  Menigitis avoided this time around (as we all know, this kid has suffered from enough bouts of meningitis, we were SO relieved).  All in all, he is feeling good.  He is very unhappy about spending another night here, but I have been able to distract him a bit with some new DVDs, snacks, and games.  Now we're just watching the clock until tomorrow morning. 

Anyway, check this out!

In the attached picture the entire Potomac Falls High School wrestling team in Viginia is wearing Ty Campbell bracelets!  This picture put a huge smile on our faces, just knowing that so many are thinking about Ty and praying for him :)  Go Panthers!  Go Ty!

Also, we want to thank all of our friends for spreading the word about Ty far and wide and even around the world.  Check out all of these recent TWEETS (Catherine, you're the best)!! 

We want everyone to be touched by Ty, so we hope you will share his facebook page, blog or video with all of your family and friends as so many of you have already done.  THANK YOU!

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  1. That's so cute (the wrestlers)!

    You will be discharged...........NOT!

    BUMMER!!!! It happens at UCLA sometimes too. This or that gets held up or something doesn't happen. Hospital time = hurry up and wait.

    Hope you get the HELL outta there early in the morning.