Monday, December 27, 2010

The greatest gift

Christmas this year was incredible. Ty had a wonderful Christmas eve and Christmas day spending time with all of his closest family. He had the most beautiful smile when he opened his toys from Santa. Three years old is just such a great age for Christmas.

When we learned the results from Ty's MRI from December 9th, we were told that if Ty's disease continues to progress at the same rate - we may have as little as four weeks. Lou and I have been praying for a magical Christmas without pain and without significant clinical symptoms, and we got that amazing gift. These have been the most beautiful days of our lives.

Today we returned to the hospital for a baseline MRI and to prepare for radiation treatment (which will likely begin next Monday). We were holding our breath waiting to hear the doctor deliver the results - prepared for the fact that she may tell us his condition has worsened significantly. Thank God that was not the case, and thanks to all of you for your prayers. The disease appeared to be stable, so it hasn't worsened since the last MRI. This came as a surprise to the doctors because leptomeningial disease is known to progress rapidly. The radio-oncologist reassured us that the type of disease Ty is faced with responds well to radiation as a means to provide better comfort for him over the course of the next few months. We are on board and ready to give it a try.

We will never lose hope and we will never stop preying for our little fighter to beat the odds and continue to surprise us all. Just last night he decided he wanted to walk all the way across the house. I couldn't believe how strong he's gotten. I barely had to help him. His doctors are amazed. Go Ty!

Pictures soon!


  1. Our prayers were answered for an amazing Christmas. I'm so glad to hear all the good news.

    Love you!!!!!!!!!

  2. My prayers are constant and will continue indefinitely. That little boy of yours is so precious. We talk about him all the time at our house, and I tell my kids that one day I would love for them to meet him. Keep the good news coming:)

  3. That is such wonderful news. Thank you for making my day. I love you Ty. Keep up the amazing work.