Friday, December 3, 2010

Fever, headaches and 15 hours of nausea...

... means we are back in the ER at 2AM.  They don't have any beds available, either.  Not sure what to make of that or what that means for us.  Poor Ty just can't get a break.  He was doing great.  We had so much fun yesterday.  Then he woke throwing up this morning around 9AM and it still hasn't stopped.  I could barely get him to keep any anti-nausea of pain meds down, so we finally had to succumb and return to the hospital kicking and screaming.  Lou and I are barely keeping it together, but we are hanging on.

Ty, on the other hand, finally seems to be settling down and feeling a little better.  Thank God.  Hopefully we will get a room and be able to sleep after the emergency CT that is planned (who knows if/when that will happen).  Every time I think I can't take much more, I am hit across the head with much more.  So, I guess I can take it. 

Thank you to the incredible chef Sue Torres, owner of Suenos here in Manhattan, for sending a delicious meal to us on our first night home (and thanks to Janet for the personal delivery, too!).  What a treat!  We have our fingers crossed that we can enjoy the leftovers back home tomorrow. 

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