Wednesday, December 1, 2010

Buying time

We came home from the hospital today after 21 days, and I can't even begin to describe how it feels just to see Ty in the comfort of his own home.  As suspected, he hasn't even asked for one single drop of pain medication.  Mind over matter is an incredible thing.

Speaking of mind over matter, we have been recruiting all of you to send positive thoughts our way, and so far the doctors have not been able to confirm any bad news.  Although they haven't given us good news either, the fact that the cytology report today was "inconclusive" gives us hope and buys us time.  The doctors are on a mission to prove that Ty's cancer is spreading... and we are on a mission to prove the opposite through the power of prayer and positivity :)

Don't get me wrong, Ty's doctors would love more than anything to tell me that they are mistaken.  At this point, they saw something on a recent MRI that they believe to be disease spreading across his spinal cord, but without any cancer cells present under the microscope they can't be 100% sure.  As of today, the past three samples for CSF fluid have come back clean.  The plan now is to return to MSKCC later next week to repeat the MRI and CSF cytology.  While the team continues to warn us about what this might be because they don't want to give us false hope... hope is the power behind Ty's healing.  Hope is what is getting us through each and every day.  And, hope is something we will never, ever lose sight of, no matter what happens next.


  1. STICK TO YOUR mission to prove the opposite through the power of prayer and positivity :) Praise God that the past three samples for CSF fluid have come back clean. Thats good news, hope and pray!!! Keep a positive attitude, We love you all so much.. LOVE YOU TY. <3 <3 <3

  2. We will never stop hoping and praying. Sending positive energy and happy thoughts your way. Enjoy every second of being at home and know you are loved more than you know. xxoxoxoxoxo

  3. I picture Ty in a perfect state of health and I expect to hear more about our good luck! The doctors will never be so baffled to see the kind of luck we can have. I am feeling lucky for Ty and for us and I refuse to veer from that.

    There are always instances of kids and people who return in perfect health, sometimes from the dead, sometimes from the long verge of death, and completely BLOW everyone's mind. I have seen it many times with my own two eyes. I'm talking about kids for whom it seemed impossible to have hope. I know for sure we have good reason to hope.

    I picture Ty walking back into SK one day BLOWING everyones mind.