Monday, August 23, 2010

Surgery Today

As of 4:24PM, Ty is still in surgery.  We just got an update from the OR and we heard that it is going well.  We will share more news when the surgery is over later tonight. 


  1. Cindy:

    This was your first post. I want to let you know that you and Lou are the best parents any kid could hope for. Ty and Gavin are very lucky! I love you and want you to know that we love you with all of our hearts.
    This post was the begining of a journey of LOVE, FAITH and HOPE.
    Thanks you for sharing it with us!
    Love always.
    Rosalyn, Keith, Christian and Juliette

    “It is good to have an end to journey toward; but it is the journey that matters, in the end.” ― Ernest Hemingway

  2. Dearest Cindy,
    I write this from Melbourne, Australia, with tears welling in my eyes and an over whelming amount of sadness. It was about 2 weeks ago when I firstly stumbled upon your story on the news, yet only found myself looking for the blog to read it, today. As the page loaded I was filled with sheer happiness, just at seeing that beautiful photo of Ty, and an enormous smile came across my face. As I read further, I became excited at the thought that I too could join in your prayers and watch as God blessed your beautiful angel with new hope and recovery, yet as i read further and saw the terrible news, my heart literally sunk. I sat in shock, re-reading that sentence, hoping I had misunderstood. I started reading your entries at 1am and found myself still sitting here at 4am, sobbing uncontrollably and wondering how life can be so cruel sometimes.
    Your gorgeous little angel was truely a gift from God, and seek solice in knowing that hes back home with his heveanly father, only to be reunited with the rest of his family when God chooses so. He is enjoying a fun, painfree life filled with candy and all the toys his enormous heart desires! :)

    I find myself returning to this blog every few hours, as it has inspired me to live life to the absolute fullest; to not be brought down by petty issues and hope that one day I will be half as strong as little Ty.
    You praise his strength often, as would everyone who reads about his corageous fight; yet you often fail to recognise how incredibly strong YOU are.
    You are the glue holding your entire family together, your obvious love for Lou, Gavin and Ty is heart warming and honestly brings tears to my eyes. Ty may have been in pain at times, but I know without a doubt from reading this blog that he lived a life surrounded by love, laughter and happiness, and what 5 year old wouldnt love that?
    One cannot even begin to imagine what you are going through..I have a 4 year old neice that I literally love more than life itself, and found myself reflecting on how precious her life is to me and what a gift it is. Your blog makes me see her in a different light, you bring a new understanding to the incredible insight and strength a toddler can have, and for that, I thank you. I think it is safe to say that reading your story has changed my life and my level of appreciation for the smallest things that would have made Ty smile :) Your life was enriched with love, faith, happiness, hope and selflesness because of Ty. Rememeber to hold on to the amazing memories and know that he came FROM you. You will always have him inside of you, just as he will always have a part of you inside of him. You are spiritually, physically and psychologically bound for life. Children have incredible appreciation and love for those who bring them a sense of joy, peace and safety. His love for you would have been, and still is, immesurable.
    I wish nothing but the absolte best for you, Lou and Gavin. May Ty's beautiful soul continue to rest in peace. Always thinking of you, all my love
    - Natasha xoxoxoxoxo