Sunday, October 16, 2016

He is gone. He is here. Four years without Ty.

The ladybugs came today.  Our house is covered with hundreds of them.  How fitting that they came on this day… the day before the anniversary of his death.  When our house was so heavy with his absence, he sent them in undeniable abundance to say, “I am here.”

They say it’s therapeutic to tell the “death story” of your loved one.  I don’t disagree with this theory.  With the anniversary of Ty’s death tomorrow, I have been reliving his for weeks.  More and more vividly as the days get closer.  It makes me weep beyond control while it simultaneously reminds me how certain I am that I witnessed his spirit being lifted elsewhere with my own eyes, and I saw real peace wash over his.  I have no idea what Heaven is, but I do know with certainty that it is REAL.  I know this, because I saw my beautiful boy go there exactly four years ago.

Instead of retelling the story of his death this year, I want to tell you about how he has given the gift of life to one very special person.   I am grateful for a woman named Nadine, who was once a stranger and who is now a true friend.  Let me explain.

Some of you may know that several of my loved ones – like so many (too many) – have struggled with addiction.  In fact, Lou’s brother Jimmy died from his alcoholism just six weeks after Ty was born.  I remember our last conversation over the phone vividly and I am so grateful for that memory.  He was calling to congratulate us on Ty, and he ended the call saying “I love you.”  That was the last time I ever heard his voice.  Ty learned to say goodnight to Uncle Jimmy every night as he ended his prayers, and I have beautiful visions of Uncle Jimmy there to welcome him into heaven.  They are both free of pain and at peace.  

While I don’t understand from experience how a vice can have such control over a person, I do know and completely accept that addiction is as much of a disease as cancer.  And addiction can have a worse prognosis than some cancers.  That being said, every single day – albeit impossibly hard – an addict has a choice that my son didn’t have.  It was that truth that helped Nadine to embrace Ty’s story as inspiration for her own recovery.  

Nadine struggled with alcoholism for 30 years.  When she started following Ty’s story in 2012, she was in a terrible place.  She came to love him, and she began talking to him after he passed away.  She recognized the unfairness of the fact that he wanted so very much to live… yet, he had no choice but to pray for a miracle.  Whereas, on the other hand, she gave up on life completely despite the fact that she had a choice/the ability to try and turn it all around.  

I like to imagine that it was Uncle Jimmy who first found Nadine.  This wonderful woman who has so much love to give, yet who spiraled down his same path of destruction.  She loves children and was known as Aunt Nadine to dozens of little ones in her lifetime. Uncle Jimmy saw all of this and sent Ty to be the angel on her shoulder.  Ty has been with her every step of the way to sobriety, and he will never leave her side.  I mentioned that she mailed us her three-year sobriety coin on his 4th birthday, which is such an incredible milestone.  He saved her life, I know this in my bones.  

Ty had such purpose during his short time here on earth.  He touched so many lives.  I can’t help but cry when I get such reassurance that he also serves an even greater purpose in spirit.  He guides us as we work to fund research for children like him.  He finds others who need him, like Nadine, and he cares for them.  He is an incredible soul, and sometimes I can’t even believe that God allowed him to be mine.  

Pasted below is a triumphant post from Nadine, in her own words.  Her love and beauty spills right off the page.  It’s no wonder Ty loves being around her.  

"STAYING DRY FOR TY" BREAKING RECORDS.............Today I broke my own personal record.  This is the longest I have not had a drink since I was 19 years old, I am now 55. Oh Ty, how do I thank you??? How do I thank your beautiful mommy for putting her agony into the words that would help save my life???? Momma Cindy's blog came to me in the last stages of alcoholism, when you know you are headed to the end and you welcome it. My days were spent in fear, self-loathing, and hateful bitterness. Ty's story was perfect – another reason to read, cry, and convince myself that this life was crap. But there he was.... one of the most beautiful boys I had ever seen, fighting for his life, still smiling, in his extreme weakness, still loving. He was left with no choices, praying for a miracle was all that was left and it didn't come. I heard a voice in my head "YOU still have a choice," and I did so I made it. “Staying Dry for Ty” became my mantra. I hated myself… but I loved him in his videos, pictures, and stories, his story became my lifeline. A bond formed between me and the memory of this boy. I took it everywhere with me, even a few times to the liquor store where I would sit and stare at the door, but "my miracle" had come at a steep price and there is no way I could dishonor it. Now today, I am a vibrant, sunny, smiling and sometimes annoying healthy happy woman. It is not easy, it never will be, a 30 year addiction does not just go away......EVER. But those days I muddle through knowing it will pass, thinking of all Ty went through. Easy doesn't teach us anything and I want to Live, Learn, and Love and fully clearheadedly experience ALL life has to offer. Ty Louis Campbell I love you with all my heart and Mommy, Daddy, Gavin, and baby Campbell too. Thank you Ty. Until my sober soul meets your sweet cancer free one, you can bet your last blue lollipop I will be ''STAYING DRY FOR TY'' And for all those still fighting cancer and addiction, and those who have left us, we are still here, we love you, and we are fighting.

I am so honored on Ty’s behalf.  It comforts me to no end to know that he has done something amazing in the four years he’s been gone. Like Nadine said, “I will never know for sure until we meet, but I guarantee there is something very special about your boy and the proof is that I am here and writing you today!”

It’s almost impossible to imagine that four years have passed since I last looked into his eyes, kissed his lips, or ran my fingers through his hair.  I swear I can still feel his skin on my fingertips, and hear his whisper in my ear.  I think it’s because he never really left.  He is with me wherever I go.  Thank You for loving him and for giving us all such tremendous support over the years.  I am grateful for everyone that Ty has brought into my life.  It feels like I’ve lived 100 years without him, just as much as it feels like he left just yesterday.  

Soon we will have a new life in this family, and can’t even write about it because my emotions are so mixed up and confused.  All I know is that he is hand-picked by his brother from heaven, which is pretty incredible.  Stay tuned for more on that…. any day now…. 


  1. �� Following for 4+ years and every post touches my heart. Beautifully written. My thoughts are with your family tomorrow and in the days ahead. ��

  2. I am in no way surprised about this post. Ty was amazing and his story has changed so many lives. Congratulations Nadine! ��

    I miss your posts. I feel selfish saying this. I know you're busy fighting childhood cancer. But I really do miss reading. You're such an amazing woman Cindy! Ty has changed my life. I've said it to you for years, your family and that amazing little boy have made me a better mother.

    Thinking of you, Lou & Gavin heavily today. And of course the best boy Ty.

  3. Sending extra hugs and prayers today ��

  4. Thank you for sharing this beautiful hopeful story. Holding you close today ~ and wearing my PretTY bracelets. Wishing you joy in the days to come. And peace.

  5. As a heroin addict who has been in recovery for 11 years I cannot begin to tell you how much Ty has changed my life. I lived for many years as you could say a dry drunk, angry at myself and the world. Even though I had two children that I adored I wasn't present in their lives. That was until I started following Ty's brave fight. A little boy who fought so hard and gave everything he had to this life despite his pain and here I was blessed with a second chance and living in a state of anger at myself and everyone around me. I learned so much from your sweet baby boy. I learned to be present in my children's lives, I learned forgiveness of myself and others and I learned the true measure of love not only from Ty but you Cindy and Lou as well. The circumstances you dealt with and to come back FIGHTING and determined to make a change for all children stricken with cancer. I had no right to sit in my self loathing hatred anymore. I too decided to fight, and fight I did. My life is dramatically different today from having known your sweet boy through your most beautifully written words. Thank you. Thank you Ty, Cindy, Lou and Gavin. 💙🐞💙🐞💙🐞💙🐞

  6. Thanks for your lovely reminds me that we really are all in this life together. The big things and even the little things can touch us all...and make it better. Ty changed many of us for the better...and I hope I do the same :)

  7. This is so heartwarming...I, too, have been following you for 4+ years and will not stop simply because of posts like this. my kitchen filled with ladybugs yesterday made me think of ty. Many blessings are being sent your way....and I do believe he was hand picked too :)

  8. Not enough words to say what I feel today. But I promise you October 17 4 years ago ended up being such a horrible difficult day for me that I can describe its details even today. Ty is gone. But at the same time I think about him so often that its almost hard to imagine he is not here. He has impacted so many lives. He has done so much good. I thank you for sharing him with us. Nadine staying dry for ty is just one of the many stories and lives he has hanged. Keep smiling at high there baby boy. You are Heaven!
    miss you much baby boy.

  9. Sweet Ty, I hope you are flying highxx amazing story from Nadine, well donexxx

  10. You are all in my thoughts and prayers. Thanks so much for sharing your precious little boy with us. He changed all of those that watched him fight with a smile on his face. I still watch the videos and am amazed at the love and joy that radiated from Ty.

  11. Your Ty changed me also. I was oblivious to my Mother's spirit but Ty visiting you and making his presence known to you after his death opened my eyes and allowed me to feel my mother's presence years after her death.
    Just as you are comforted by Ty's spirit, so am I comforted by my mother's spirit! THANK YOU SUPERTY!

  12. God bless all of you and your sweet angel face, and your hand picked new sweet child, I bet Gavin will be the best

  13. My eyes are always filled with tears when I read your amazing posts and when I think of your beautiful Ty.
    Happy Birthday in heaven and God Bless your family always.

  14. So beautiful..your son has touched many many lives and will continue to do so! Congratulations Nadine! Keep up the good work! Sending hugs and love to you Lou Gavin and Bodhi

    Love Gabrielle