Friday, March 25, 2016

The Inappropriate Show

Gavin is growing up so fast.  I love to listen to his conversations with his little friends.  He is almost seven now, and the things that he talks about keeps me smiling all day. 

He is growing into such a fun little person, but this is no surprise.  Who he is, everything about my Gavin, has been evident since he was just a baby.  His big goofy grin, his preference to laugh and tell jokes over anything serious, and his extreme sensitivity that causes him to cry so easily, these tendencies have always been there.  There are so many things about the person he is that he will carry into the person he becomes.  So much of Lou and I whether we like it or not.  Like Nana says, “you don’t plant potatoes and get tomatoes.”

He is still a complete wacko and he has a sick little sense of humor.  In fact, let me tell you about “The Inappropriate Show” that he made up with his best friend.  When they get together, they make up grotesque episodes of their imaginary TV show that are highly… you guessed it… inappropriate.  They think they are absolutely hysterical. 

There are two main hosts of the show and in a recent episode one of them was going to have a birthday party, for example.  Of course, there will be a piñata… but in order to make sure it is appropriately inappropriate, the piñata was going to include plastic penises, and plastic vaginas.  “The penises will have a button on them so when you press it, pee comes out all over!”  Cue hysterical laughter from my backseat. 
“And the vaginas will have a button on them, so when you press it, a real live baby pops out of it!” Even more hysterics. 

Creative genius, folks.  What is wrong with this child?  He also decided on a career, by the way.  He is going to be a doctor when he grows up.  He decided on this career path only because I recently explained to him that he can’t come to an appointment with me because people have to get undressed for their physical exams. 

“Oh, I’m gonna be a doctor! Boobies and butts, baby.” he exclaimed.  He’s a sicko, this one.  And I love him to pieces. 

The other night when I was putting him to bed, we were talking about how much he missed having a big brother, and how great it would be if Ty was still here with us.  Gavin said, "if cancer was a person, I would give it BOTH my middle fingers... and my middle toes... so it could be four times as much!"  

I honestly don't know where he gets any of this... the middle finger, the vaginas, and so on... but I agreed with him on that one despite how inappropriate it may have been.  


  1. What an awesome kid, nothing in the slightest wrong with that child, he's fantastic! And I bet there's a big brother giggling along in spirit every step of the way :-)

  2. Haha what a nice way to start my day:) He is so so like you Cindy:) so cute. I am glad my 4 yr old son is not the only one talking about boobies:) he has taken to talking about them left right and center, I am not sure how i feel about it:) so funny though..... glad you posted, I check every day for a new post:) xxxxxxx

  3. Adorable Cindy! I laughed and smiled the entire time reading this. :) -Emily

  4. Cindy you made me laugh with tears in my eyes. Are you kidding me?! That's a perfect boy. My 7 yo is just as bad and inappropriate. Penis is a big volcano that exploded in the morning when he pees and girl are you ready for it? Girls have two butts one small and one big. I love him. Ty is super super proud of his adorable goofball.