Sunday, August 2, 2015

The Power of Yes - It's what Mess Fest is all about

Before I jump into the magic of Mess Fest and how much we have planned for this year to make it bigger, better and longer than ever... PLEASE check out our page on Thunderclap and join the campaign by allowing access to your Facebook and Twitter so we can spread the news about Mess Fest far and wide.  It is so important to help bring our cause and our event into the spotlight.  

Speaking of spotlight... I posted an article to Huffington Post just the other day all about the Power of "Yes" and why we created the Mess Fest.  I hope you'll read it and share it with your friends.

This quick snapshot represents just some of the children who will be honored at Mess Fest on Saturday.  They are the reason why we spend the entire summer planning for this day.  We hope you will help us help these kids while enjoying a ridiculously fun afternoon.

Most of you can't possibly understand how incredible it feels every time I see a Muddy Puddles photo posted to my wall, the TLC wall, in an email or submitted through the Muddy Puddles website. When Ty died, I immediately started to panic about how we can make sure his life is remembered.  It is so important to know he made a difference, not just to me but to the world around him - that we are not the only ones who are still thinking of him all the time.

Well - even after all this time - the photos keep on coming, and the people keep on joining us each year to play in the mud at Mess Fest.  That, my friends, is a LEGACY, and it is so incredibly comforting.  It represents the beauty behind all of the pain of his loss. Lou just said to me, "Ty was never here to see the Mess Fest," and I reminded him that Ty created the Mess Fest.  Of course he has seen it.  He is the largest presence at the camp that day, and anyone who has attended would agree.

To honor Ty's legacy our planning team has vowed to make this the best Mess Fest yet.  In memory of Ty and in honor of all the children who have ever/will ever battle cancer, this day is sure to be everything a child could dream of.  We added an extra hour to the agenda (11 - 5PM) so you can spend the entire day, or if you have other plans you can squeeze in both because you will NOT want to miss this.  What else is new?:

  • A GIANT Slip n' Slide - 40x100 feet - you've never seen anything like it
  • Hydraulic Trampolines
  • The "Geronimo" Bungee Jump
  • The Morgan Stanley "Slopstacle" course featuring color run powder and foam pits
  • Inflatable Twister
  • The Velcro Sticky Wall
  • Junior Bubble Soccer and Inflatable Bowling
  • The Nest and SkyTower playgrounds (brand new)
  • Candy Cooking Class in the Kids' Kitchen
  • The Trading Post and Jewelry Station
  • GAGA
  • The Gymnastics Pavillion
  • Karaoke and more...

So please: Get your tickets, join our Thunderclap campaign, it's not too late to do the Dirty Dunk and we have a couple more days to fulfill our Amazon Wish List.  It's almost here!!