Sunday, September 7, 2014

GOING GOLD and The Long Beach Luau

The Long Beach Luau is less than two weeks away.  We hope you will get your tickets!  Finally, the TLC Foundation is bringing an annual fundraising event to Long Island.  It will be fun for the entire family.  A wonderful way to say goodbye to summer.

Thank you, Brother Jimmy's and The Sands, for hosting this incredible beachfront event.  The food will be amazing, as will the entertainment.  Please join us.


In the meantime, September is in full swing and we couldn't be more excited about the incredible campaigns taking place.  This weekend, alone, the adorable Bella hosted a lemonade stand for the TLC Foundation during Pawling's neighborhood tag sale, and the Westlake Wildcats went gold for the second year in a row (check out those socks and bows)!  Arlington High School will be wearing gold shoelaces, and Carmel High School is dedicating September fundraising efforts in support of TLC.  And the list goes on...

You can get gold shoelaces and other SuperTy gear at the PRET*TY store at 30% off for the entire month of September.  Enter promo code GoGold at checkout.

We are just so grateful.  All of these kids should be very proud of themselves for getting behind such an important cause and for making a difference!


  1. Bella had the best time selling lemonade for the TLC foundation. She can't wait to do it again!

  2. Hi Cindy. Hope all is well. I was just watching the real housewives of nj and thought of you. Since u always see ladybugs and think of Ty you should probably contact Dina Manzo which has project ladybug for childhood cancer. Maybe you two can join forces and do something together to get more awareness out for childhood cancer. Just a idea. All the best. Sonia from Elizabeth, Nj

  3. Sonia from elizabeth

  4. Aloha! Thinking of The Long Beach Luau today and praying for great weather, lots of laughter and of course lots of ladybugs. Cindy you and your whole family should be proud - you're encouraging kids to play and just be kids for all those children out there who can't. Thank you for all the work you do for Childhood Cancer Awareness - no child should have to feel pain and/or die in the name of cancer.- from Ontario, Canada

  5. it melts my heart how kids are so wonderful and willing to do for other kids. we should only learn from them.
    i love my gold shoelaces and my bracelet and my book. I love everything Ty.