Wednesday, April 30, 2014


First it was mad cool, or ridonkulous.  Now it's amazeballs.  Well, Gavin decided to coin another fresh term for something that is really great.  #Indredibaloney.  He had me laughing in the car on the way to preschool this morning.  Where does he come up with this stuff?  I'm not even sure he knew it was funny! So cute.  I think incredibaloney is so superSWAGafragilistic I might have to put it on a tee-shirt.  But seriously he is a funny kid for rizzle.  I thank God for him every day.  His adorable voice alone can make me smile no matter how heavy my heart is feeling.

Look at how big he is?  It hurts.  I am not going to get into how much it physically and mentally hurts to watch him grow older than Ty, that goes way beyond words on a page.... I'm talking about the general Mommy hurt you feel when they are growing up too fast and you just can't stop it!  Where did my baby go?  He kept asking me on the days leading up to his birthday if he would feel different when he was five. If he would look different.  Well, looking at this most recent photo, he actually does!  He is officially a big boy. And he is kind of #incredibaloney in every way.

You know who else is incredibaloney?  Lou.  Best Dad and Husband ever.  I am so lucky to have him to share this crazy, beautiful, painful life with.

Today I posted on our FB and Twitter an interview Lou had with famed author, Jeff Pearlman.  We are so grateful to Jeff for asking Lou the tough questions, and publishing his raw and honest responses.  Read it here:  We rarely read such an up-close and personal perspective from Lou, and I will always cherish this.  I am so grateful for him.  His love for Ty could move mountains.  I will never understand why love like this just isn't/wasn't enough.

It's rainy, rainy, rainy here in New York and more is expected tomorrow.  The optimist in me - however broken and twisted she may be - needs to remind you to ALWAYS jump in muddy puddles.  For Ty.


  1. Not sure why, but posted last night and my post didn't save. But regardless, what I want to say always is the same. You are really the most beautiful family on inside as well as outside. The article was raw, real, it was so many things that i wanted to know but maybe couldn't ask and Lou did great job. I don't know how every day you can wake up with the heave feeling that your baby is gone and at the same time continue doing what you do and with such a spirit. To say that I admire you is to say nothing. I hope that even for a second we could make your days better by loving and talking about your family and Ty. Always wish we could offer and do more.
    Missing your beautiful baby boy.

  2. Just read Lou's interview - WoW. Very hard to keep my eyes from brimming over....I too will never understand why love wasn't enough to keep Ty here. Thanks for sharing it.

    My youngest son has started asking to jump in mud puddles after it rains, and you bet I let him do it!! Always for Ty.

    Gavin is too cute and getting so big. God bless him.

  3. I also just read Lou's interview. Very raw and real. You truly are an amazing couple who are dealing with tragedy in an amazingly strong and honest way. I pray for you guys often. I really do. God bless you all and I know Ty is proud of him mommy, daddy and Gavin..who will still always be his little brother, no matter how many years go by.

  4. Thank you for sharing Lou's interview and your journey with us. Your family has become a source of hope and inspiration for me. You constantly remind us of what is important in this life. God bless!