Monday, January 13, 2014

Join us - Share the Love - Give a half a sandwich

There is a beautiful young boy who is fighting for his life tonight.  Justin Miller has been fighting cancer for seven years, and he is only 11.  He had multiple relapses.  His story reminds me so much of Ty, only with all of the ups and downs extending into many more years.  I fell in love with Justin when he was designated an ambassador for St. Baldrick's in 2012, and when I saw his incredible video on the Stand Up 2 Cancer telethon while Ty was home on hospice in September 2012.  The picture of Ty below, with his hands in a heart, were taken at that same time. 

Not that I need a reminder, but days like today, when I read about what Justin is going through and how his journey has taken another unfair turn - a really bad one - inspires me to share this event again, because it is a reminder of why we do what we do so passionately.

And, because "everyone can give a half a sandwich." as my friend Mary Pallotta taught me.  Although, in this case I realize it's more like a sandwich and a half :)

And, because, this event is going to be so incredibly FUN, and Lou and I can't wait to meet you all in our first, adult-only fundraiser.  Where we can really spend time with all of our incredible supporters - unlike the Mess Fest where there were 2,000 people (how totally AWESOME was that?).  Did I mention there is a 5-hour open bar?  Dinner?  Outrageous auction items?  A charitable casino?

C'mon friends.  Share the love. And if Greenwich is a bit too far, you should know that the Greenwich Hyatt has a block or rooms set aside for TLC guests at a rate of only $99 for the night - which is totally unheard of for a venue like this!  I am so incredibly excited and I really hope you will join us!  If you plan one big night out this year, make it this one.  Lou and I can't wait to see you at the Greenwich Hyatt on February 15th. 


We are pleased to invite you to the first annual "Share the Love" cocktail party and casino night to benefit the Ty Louis Campbell Foundation. 
We hope you will join us so we can thank you in person for all of the tremendous support you have shown our foundation, and to celebrate the success of our inaugural year!  Our love for you all is so strong, as is the love you have shown our family - especially Ty.  We couldn't think of a more perfect time to get together for the cause.  Together we can fund the research to uncover safer, more effective treatment options for cancer's littlest victims. 
Saturday, February 15, 7:00 - 12:00 Midnight 
$150 per person (cocktail-style dinner, 5-hour open bar, charitable casino, auction)
Hyatt Regency Greenwich 
Limited tickets available.  Advance purchase recommended.
*The Hyatt will have a block of rooms available for TLC guests at the rate of $99 per room.  
We hope to see you there!
Lou and  Cindy Campbell


  1. I hope this event is an amazing success! Always thinking of Ty and your family.

    God Bless You!

    Prayers from Nebraska-
    The Stewart Family

  2. This is the most beautiful heart ever baby boy. Loving this amazing idea and really hoping to be able to make it because I really don't have any sitters for my boys :(
    But if I am not there, I promise to donate on this love day because I LOVE TY.
    Miss you so much baby boy.

    PS My heart is broken again over Justin. It is just never ending tragedy that is so impossible to explain. WHY?!

  3. Do you think you will have more children?