Tuesday, July 16, 2013

Who do you Stand Up for?

Last night, Lou and I attended the Home Run Derby and proudly stood up for Ty.  Thank you, Stand Up 2 Cancer, for making ground-breaking discoveries in cancer research, and for putting them into the real hands of cancer patients so quickly and with so much promise.  I look forward to the amazing things your Pediatric Dream Team will discover!  The TLC Foundation is so proud to support this organization.

When the entire stadium stood up for a moment of silence, everyone holding up a placard in honor of a loved one, I just couldn't help by cry my eyes out.  It was breathtaking and beautiful and oh so tragic.  I only wish the placards were larger so I could have covered it with names.  Aunt Mary, Aunt Connie, Annemarie M., Bernice F., Bill K., Mike M., Debbie M., Amanda D., Rosemary S., and those are just some of my friends and family who have fought this demon.  Then there are the kids I have met, followed, read about.  Oh my God!  Sadly, there isn't a placard big enough. 

Bryce Harper -- who reminds me of Ty all grown up with his incredible hair :) -- stood up for 12 year old cancer patient Gavin Rupp.  Amazing. 

I am so blessed and lucky to have such wonderful opportunities, and to be able to share these experiences with Lou.  He and I do so much together, and would be lost without one another.  I am so lucky to have him by my side, to catch me when I fall, to embrace me when I feel overwhelmed, and to wipe my tears in a crowded baseball stadium, looking me in the eyes with complete love and understanding.

The mess fest is just weeks away, and September will be here before we know it.  I have been so incredibly busy trying to prepare for both.  I've been writing a LOT, but press materials instead of blog posts.  It is taking a toll, but I hope to have tons of great things to report in upcoming weeks, and ways in which you can all support the cause.  Thank you so much for continuing to care so much, and for honoring Ty.  XOXO. 


  1. Thought of you when I saw this article. Hoping it makes you smile, even if it's just for a second.


  2. sometimes Ty thinking of you make me smile but mostly i feel sad. I haven't lost you your mama and daddy and brother did and I cant imagine the pain. It makes it so much worse that you fought so hard and to think that Cancer won just makes me sooooo angry. nothing in this world matter more than fighting this disease. Nothing in this world is more important than standing up for our babies. Miss you baby boy.

  3. I am so glad you have Lou too. You are wonderful parents - I am forever sorry that Ty went through all he did. Such a beautiful child that endured way too much - but thankfully he had incredible parents like you both to love and care for him. There is no doubt how loved he is - there is no doubt he knew that. I send you both love and peace. I send love to Gavin. SuperTy forever in my heart and mind.

    XOXOXOXO - Donna T

  4. Donna T.. I so agree!!

    TY is so loved .Lucky boy. He actually has a million people thinking about him at any given time no one else can say that! So very special :)

  5. Cindy Lou Ty Gavin, Thinking of you guys. :) Emily

  6. Cindy, Lou, Ty and Gavin...You are an absolute inspiration! I think and pray for all of you everyday. God Bless!!