Friday, June 14, 2013

The Muddy Puddles MESS FEST

Tickets for the Muddy Puddles Mess Fest, August 10 at Camp Kiwi, are now on sale!  You can purchase them at a discount online using the link below, or pay at the door on the day of the event.

I can't even tell you how excited I am that this event is finally coming to fruition.  It is going to be wild, outrageous and SO MUCH FUN!  Of course, it will be a giant mess fest indeed.  Whipped cream pie tosses, Mud puddle obstacle courses, food fights, splatter paint, giant bubble stations, dirt digs, and a giant fire truck to hose off the kids.  There are also pools, climbing walls, ziplines, batting cages, hay rides, bounce houses and so much more.  Fingers crossed for beautiful weather, but if it rains, who cares - that only means more mud puddles, right?

Thanks to our segment on The Doctors, The Muddy Puddles Project is really taking off!  I decided to post five recent photo submissions in honor of High Five for Friday (a social media campaign where bloggers post five photos that reflect on different things that happened over the course of the week, and describe why they are positive memories).  Even though all of these memories aren't mine, they are certainly positive and uplifting.  Enjoy! 

Twitter friends.  Please be sure to tweet your comments and/or messy photos with the hashtag #muddypuddlesproject :)  We just want more and more people to let their kids have more fun in honor of those that can't!!

Have a wonderful weekend.  Thinking of Ty every minute of every day, but knowing more children are having more fun because of him makes it just a little easier for us to cope.  Love you so much angel baby.  Hoping you are enjoying muddy puddles wherever you are. 


  1. Wish we could make it :-( but know my children have a "mud hole" in our backyard that they play in regularly... and every time they do I see a ladybug!

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  3. I'm from South Africa and absolutely LOVE the idea for the Mess Fest. I wish I could be there :) Thank you so much for the impact you and your family have had on my life. I think what you're doing is truely inspirational and amazing.

  4. love that picture of Ty - maybe he's been sending so much rain to NY so all the kids can get out there and play :) Looking forward to the mess fest - it's going to be so much fun!

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  6. Ty keep spreading your love. I can't wait to get muddy with my kids. Miss you much.

  7. I'm sure Ty is so proud of you; taking on the world one muddy puddle at a time. Ty's love is going to make some very happy children come Muddy Puddles Mess Fest day. Ty is so SUPER!
    I used to love playing in mud too. This is amazing that there is a festival devoted to all things mud now.
    Thinking of all the Campbells. I wish you all a muddy good time!
    Much love & hugs,