Monday, May 28, 2012

Wonderful weekend

Before I share a quick update on our weekend that was filled with smiles, BBQ and sunshine, let me just acknowledge my utmost respect and appreciation for our soldiers and veterans.  There is nothing more honorable than serving our country and maintaining our freedom.  I am forever grateful.  God bless all of our courageous soldiers overseas, the families who miss them, and those who made the ultimate sacrifice for this beautiful country so that you and I can be free each and every day. 

This Memorial Day weekend was filled with blessings for the Campbell family.  We were surrounded by friends and family who came to our home with prepared meals and bags full of loot that would keep Ty smiling.  And, smile he did.  He was happier than I have seen him in a very, very, very long time.  Lou, Ty, Gavin and I were pampered for three days straight.  It was such a treat. 

The greatest treat of all was that Ty was happy.  Here are some adorable pictures of my sweet, sweet boys.  Those smiles say it all.  Ty's expressions are priceless.

Tomorrow we will return to our early morning oxygen routine, followed by school and therapies at Blythedale.  It's going to be tough, but tomorrow is going to be tough on all of us, isn't it?  :)  

Here are just two amazing conversations I had with these boys over the past three days.  I want to document them because it's times like these that I want to freeze so I can replay them in my heart whenever I need to.  First is my conversation with Gavin, the second with Ty.

Gavin and I had to run an errand together on Saturday and we stopped for pizza and ice cream.  While we sat outside eating our ice cream cones, I was very quiet and lost in thought as I watched a family of four ride by on their bicycles.  Both of the boys were still riding with training wheels.  I thought about how that was supposed to be my life... how that was supposed to be Ty and Gavin riding their bike alongside Lou and I on a beautiful day.  I must have been quiet for a while, but I realized that Gavin was having some very similar thoughts when he said the following:

"I hab a bro-tee too!"
"Huh?  You have a broken shoe?" I asked him.  He can be very hard to understand.
"No.. I hab a bro-tee too!  Ty!"
"Oh.  You have a brother, too?  Ty?"
"What made you think of that?  What are you thinking about your brother?"
"I lub my bro-tee soo much."

It's true, he really does love Ty, so much.  Then, today, Ty had my heart in tears (but my face wouldn't dare show it).  Out of the blue, Ty tells me...

"Mama.  I'm gunna jump in muddy puddles."
"You're gonna jump in muddy puddles?"
"Yeah.  When I can jump."
"Oh, yes, I can't wait to see you jump in muddy puddles."
"But Mama, it has to be raining that day, too."

Those words broke my heart because he is so limited with what he can do, but they also rekindled the flame in my soul that reminds me to believe that anything is possible.  Anything.  Here's to Ty jumping in muddy puddles while the rain pours down on his smiling face.  I won't even make him take off his shoes when he walks through the door.   

P.S. I have several emails to answer.  Thanks to all who have reached out.  I promise you will hear from me over the next couple of days :) 


  1. your post put a big smile on my face and those adorable boys look wonderful. I am glad you had a nice time too. Your an amazing family and I enjoy seeing the positive side of your day as well as all the progress ty keeps making. Many more wonderful days ahead... Be Blessed

  2. Hi, I'm Taryn Wright and I'm the person who has been writing the blog about the Warrior Eli hoax. I'm working on a post about the after effects this has had on the childhood cancer support community. Someone sent me what you wrote about the whole mess and I wondered if you could share your thoughts with me. (I could protect your anonymity in the blog post if you'd like).

    Thanks! (