Friday, May 18, 2012

Lou took this last night.  Me and my beautiful boy.  I am so in love. 

Ty's emotions are still running high.  He cries so often that my stress level is completely maxed out.  Luckily he is still young enough that he doesn't stay depressed for long, and he isn't fully aware of the impact this latest setback has had on him.  When he gets sad he can often be diverted and he still smiles easily (all I have to do is make a joke about something gross like burps, farts or boogies and he is laughing himself silly).  Unfortunately for me, those diversions usually require physically draining activities on my part, like a trip to the candy store, a supermarket run so Ty can taste-test the grapes himself, or a drive to the Red Rooster for a vanilla cone with rainbow sprinkles that are embedded in every crevice of my backseat. 

I guess on the plus side, I am happy to report that his crying has gotten much stronger.  Much louder.  That means his oral motor skills are improving and his lungs are getting stronger.  His appetite is improving too, but I don't expect that to stick around much longer since he will be starting his Temodar today after several days off the chemo. 

I've been making a lot of shakes using organic baby food and such.  Despite his lack of interest in food over the past two months, Ty still managed to gain a kilo!  He is up to 14 kilos/31 pounds.  He's catching up to Gavin who is weighing in at a whopping 36 pounds these days :)  This is a healthy weight for Ty and I'm finally relieved.  Feeding Ty, making sure he gets proper nutrition, has always been a source of much anxiety.  I am so excited about the recent weight gain.

Over the weekend, Ty and Gavin's preschool will be hosting a family fun day.  I am excited to take him there so he can finally visit with his old teachers and say hello to his classmates.  I think I am more excited for me, too, because I really miss everyone.  I thoroughly enjoyed going to preschool with Ty every week and I fell in love with his teachers and adorable classmates.  We will be sure to take a lot of pictures and post them here.  I expect Ty to be cranky, but I hope he will find some joy in being there, too.  Fingers crossed for a fun-filled weekend. 



  1. What a beautiful pic and what wonderful news. May the good news continue and I hope the boys enjoy family fun day.

  2. What a beautiful pic and what wonderful news. May the good news continue and I hope the boys enjoy family fun day.

  3. I hope Ty enjoys seeing his teachers and classmates.

    I'm sorry he has been so emotional and it's been tough on you. Poor little guy :( It must be hard to keep your spirits up. You do such a good job. You rock!!!

    Looking forward to a bright future...