Sunday, February 26, 2012

Winter Fun

It feels like winter is finally here, just as we started gearing up for Spring!  My poor confused hyacinth and daffodil bulbs; they started coming up a few weeks ago and then we woke up to three inches of snow on Friday.  I was happy to see the snow and I have my fingers crossed that the tulips I planted with Ty and Gavin will fair better than the early bloomers :) 

I had big plans to go to Costco on Friday (woo hoo), but I was happy to pun on our snowpants instead and start shoveling.  It was warm enough where Gavin was able to play in the snow with me for a couple of hours and we had a great time.  Ty came out, too, but didn't last long at all.  Probably because he was sitting in the snow instead of walking around so I think he just got cold.  He threw a couple of snow balls at me and called it a day :)

Here are some pictures of Gavin with our snowman. 

I also want to share some really sweet photos from our last trip to Vermont.  I mentioned how much fun Ty and Gavin had when we went snowtubing at the mountain, but I didn't get to share many pictures.  The first picture is a Campbell family photo, then Ty at the mountain with Daddy and Eva (his best friend), then Gavin alone, and the last one is of Ty and Gavin with their best friends from Long Beach, Eva and Theo.  These pictures were just too precious not to share and I was inspired the chill in the air today and the snow on the ground here in Pawling, NY. 

Before I sign off, I am also attaching a video of Ty snowtubing.  It's hard to tell what's going on here, but it's pretty obvious that he's having a great time.  I'm so happy that he was able to do this.  His laugh is the most beautiful sound in the whole world.   


  1. LOL he threw a couple of snow balls at you and called it a day! Contented to get mommy (aka crazy lady). I can totally see it.

    What a nice snowman you made! And Gavin is so handsome and big standing next to him!

    I'm so glad we've gone from where this started to watching Ty speed down a snowy hill, giggling. His laugh is definitely music to my ears. It sounds soooooo nice. I agree with you. It's beautiful.

    Keep up the faith. Everything's gonna be alright. Ty has had a good quality life for a long time now! Think of it! He's happy and well. The majority of his time is in a state of well-being. Yours too!

    Follow his lead. He is aware that all is well NOW because children do not live in the past or the future. So if you find yourself doing just that, take a moment to look around and realize that in THIS moment, ALL IS WELL!

  2. The pictures are adorable. Ty looks so happy in the video. It is just priceless.