Tuesday, February 7, 2012

Next MRI

Ty's next MRI of the full brain and spine is scheduled for Wednesday, February 29th.  Fingers crossed for a lucky leap year!  I originally posted February 8th on his Facebook page, but Lou has since reminded me that it won't be until the end of the month.  Thanks to all of those who have been reaching out and wishing us luck for tomorrow.  I will be holding onto all of those well wishes and saving them for three weeks from now. 

Ty and Gavin are both doing great this week.  We have been having a lot of fun together and trying to take advantage of Ty's increased appetite by making a lot of extra trips to the supermarket and CVS for whatever he is in the mood for.  Mostly pretzels, but sometimes cheese and yogurt drinks, too.  He even had a turkey rollup yesterday. 

We took the boys snow tubing yesterday and I have a very fun video to share with you as soon as I have a chance to download.  Ty absolutely loved it and he went over and over and over again.  We were so impressed - he was fearless!


  1. Of course he was fearless....he's SuperTy!!! Always an inspiration nd brave beyond his years. He continues to amaze me nd remind me that anything is possible. I just love him nd ur entire family.

    I'm so happy to read all the positive happy blogs. Ur story about the gummy dinosaurs had me smiling from ear to ear w/ a tear rolling down my face. U always manage to do that to me nd I thank u. It takes a special person to find such joy in a not so happy place. Even more special that u take the time so tell us so that we can relive it w/ u over nd over.

    Keep kicking cancers butt Ty Louis Campbell. I love u.NEGU nd BELIEVE <3<3<3<3

  2. I have complete faith that Ty will rehabilitate back to perfect health, just like I had complete faith he would beat cancer. I just want to remind you that everything is possible in our favor. The magic doesn't run out in our hearts. Slowly but surely, Ty is going to get there!!! I can picture the day ahead. It's fantastic. I'll pinch you.