Saturday, July 26, 2014

Why We ALWAYS Jump in Muddy Puddles

These are just a tiny fraction of a tiny fraction of the children stricken with cancer who have touched our lives.  Some are survivors, some are currently fighting (and winning!), but most of the children represented here are angels.  Gone too soon.  Never to enjoy the simple pleasures of jumping in muddy puddles and getting messy with finger paint and glitter.  They are the reason why we work so hard to make the Mess Fest so special.  They are the inspiration behind the Muddy Puddles Project - Celebrating kids being kids, in honor of those that can't.

The schedule of activities is truly outrageous (see below).  You will NOT be disappointed!  For those who were able to join us last year, we will have everything you loved, with extended access (no long lines) and so much more.  Everything but food is included with admission, and we hope to see you there.  PLEASE purchase your tickets in advance so we can quickly and effectively shuttle everyone in (there is no on-site parking), we can be better prepared and avoid any lines at check-in, and - most importantly - ensure we don't run out of tickets!

There is still time to register for the Dirty Dunk - you will be awarded free admission to Mess Fest for every $100 pledged.  It is a simple fundraiser to get support for jumping in the mud (but, of course, we won't hold you to it if you chicken out!).  Our professional photographers will be there to capture the Dirty Dunk in all it's glory :)  Won't you jump in the mud with me for Ty?? Go to the tab "The Team" and click on "Join the Team."

Schedule of Activities
11AM – All Day Activities Begin
Arts and Crafts
Splatter/Finger paint in honor of Princess Warrior Brynlee (Art Tent, AREA 2)
Rainbow Loom against cancer with Learning Express in honor of SuperMax (Art Tent, AREA 2)
Sidewalk Scribbles in memory of Allie (at basketball courts, AREA 6)
Slime Time fun in honor of Gaven (Art Tent, AREA 2)
Food Truck Rodeo in honor of Warrior Wes AREA 1
Sky Rider Zipline in memory of Riley Superhero AREA 3
Amusement Ride/Dixie Swing in memory of Ethan AREA 3
Fire Truck and “Go Gold” Touch-a-Truck in memory of Tanner AREA 6
Mud Pit, Mud Art and Dino Dig in honor of Kai and Ellie AREA 6
Beauty tent/Balloon animals AREA 6
Nail art and hair extensions in memory of Henley Bee
Tattoos and Face painting in memory of Penelope
Swimming pools in memory of Ryan AREA 4
MacaroniKid Bubbles in honor of Sally Sunshine AREA 4
Paddle boats and Kayaks in honor of Erik AREA 4
Bounce Houses by Jumpin' Jakes and Air Pillow in honor of Liam and Baby EJ AREA 3 and AREA 7
Gymnastics hosted by EpicStudios in honor of Chloe AREA 5
TY-Die t-shirts and SuperTy’s Candyland in memory of Ty Louis Campbell AREA 4
Batting Cages in honor of Caleb AREA 2
Climbing Wall in memory Kwesi AREA 5
Pony Rides in honor of Grace until 1:00pm AREA 7
Magic Show in memory of Amazin’ Hazen in the amphitheater – ends 11:45 AREA 6
DJ Charlie B begins AREA 3
Treasure Hunt in memory of Hazen AREA 5
Live Music Performance by Analise in memory of Zach Sobiek AREA 3
Bingo #1 in memory of SuperTy at the Dance Tent AREA 7
Glitter Bomb/Water Balloon Toss #1 in memory of David AREA 7
Food Fight #1 sponsored by Gallucci’sCatering (under 10 years old) in honor of Mighty Mikey AREA 1
Q&A with Actress Emily Peachey (The Fault in Our Stars) in memory of Shayla AREA 7
Dirty Dunk in memory of Ty Louis Campbell AREA 6
Pop Shop (ice cream)and mini-golf sponsored by MCAS Roofing and Contracting in honor of Franky Area 8
Mummy Making Competition in honor of Leslie AREA 7
Hay Rides until 3:30 in honor of Tyson AREA 6
Rescue Animal Presentation in memory of Ben at the Dance Tent AREA 6
Live Music Performance by HaileyKnox in memory of McKenna AREA 3
Whipped Cream Pie Toss (until we run out of pies) in honor of Jared AREA 4
Food Fight #2 in memory of Cole (under 10 years old) AREA 1
Cake Walk #1 in honor of Brooke at the Basketball Court  AREA 6
Mummy making competition #2 AREA 7
Live Music by Playing with Fire in memory of Rockstar Ronan 2:45  AREA 3
Food Fight #3 (limited to big kids and grown ups) AREA 1
Bingo #2 at the Dance Tent AREA 7
Glitter Bomb/Water Balloon Toss #2 AREA 7
Cake Walk #2 at the Basketball Court AREA 6
Final performance by Talia Denis in memory of Cashy and SuperTy AREA 3               

After seeing all of this... how can you NOT come, right?  We can't wait to see you there!!                                  


  1. Is this appropriate for a two and five month year old? Or will he be too little? Thanks!

    1. Yes absolutely. They will have a great time.

  2. You are doing such an incredible thing here. I hope that one year I'll be able to afford to bring my boys to this. This is truly amazing. Miracles really do happen, you are making them.

  3. I wish I lived closer, looks like an amazing day is planned. Hoping much money is raised for such a worthy cause. I know Ty is so proud of his mommy. As always keeping the Campbell family in my thoughts!

  4. I hope someday this event is all over the country...although I hope it's then in remembrance of the kids we've lost but aren't losing anymore because of new cures and treatments (here is hoping!!) This has to be the ultimate/coolest be a kid day ever. Keep the rest of posted -- we are hoping for an amazing turnout and huge smiles!!

  5. I've always loved lady bugs and now I adore them more because I think of your Ty. This Friday night, I was watching my daughter at Soccer Practice and all of a sudden I felt something hit my arm. I thought it was a mosquito and was starting to swat at my arm but as I started to swing, I looked down and saw a teeny, tiny ladybug had landed on my arm. It took my breath away because my thoughts immediately turned to you and to Ty. I smiled down at the ladybug and then looked up to the sky and said "hi Ty. I hope you know we all love you. Thank you for stopping by." The precious ladybug flew away before I could admire it for a bit longer. It was the tiniest ladybug I have ever seen and one I will never, ever forget.

  6. Can we all start a movement in this blog?. One dollar :)

  7. One dollar each to the cause would be awesome. Maybe save a life.

  8. These are not only faces of angels these are faces of kids who inspired each and everyone one of us but also paid the ultimate price. Those are our babies who left way too soon and in their young years experienced pain and suffering unimaginable to many. Each and everyone of those kids are precious beautiful and deserve to be remembered. We will jump for them and pray for them and their families. My favorite kind of superheroes. Thank you Ty for changing my life with your ever lifting charming smile. I love you to bits!