Saturday, November 30, 2013

Less Than 12 Hours Left to VOTE

We were in the lead for days, and we dropped into third place overnight.  We don't have any tricks up our sleeves or mailing lists left to distribute to. We just have a loving and committed group of families who have been so wonderful and supportive every step of the way.  Even if we don't win, the response has been incredible and Ty would be so proud.

That being said, let's still try to win!  If every person who reads this blog votes all four times in the next 12 hours, we would be back in first place in no time at all!  And we still might win that $10,000 for childhood cancer research!

I know the website is rather dysfunctional and it isn't working properly for everyone (including me),.  I appreciate that you all keep trying, though, because every vote counts!



  1. Can you vote if you do not have a face book account? I want to vote but the site tells me that I have to sign in to face book. Help???

  2. I tried a couple times to vote but couldn't because of the problems. So very sorry ~

  3. I was finally able to vote yesterday. I had been trying the days before without success. At least I could do it once!

  4. voted as many times as i could. sorry Ty. You deserve everything baby boy.