Wednesday, December 19, 2012

Extreme Home (office) Makeover

In one of the stars
I shall be living
In one of them
I shall be laughing
And so it will be
as if all the stars
were laughing
when you look
at the sky at night
- The Little Prince

It goes without saying that the tragedy in Newtown, CT pains me beyond comprehension. I really can't talk much about it because there are no words, but I felt I had to acknowledge it since I was away when it happened and very disconnected to the world and all that was going on.  In my head, I try to imagine Ty among those children in heaven -- dancing, playing and laughing so loud.  Still, it doesn't bring much comfort, nor does it help me understand the tragedy of any senseless loss. 

I've seen a lot of similar posts on Facebook today, and wanted to share this one in particular. 


Let’s tip the scale of good and evil in our world.
Like many people, I am having so much trouble getting beyond this horrific tragedy.
 What has occurred cannot be changed, but I can promise myself that these beautiful children will not be forgotten. They have made a lasting impact on my life. In the last few days I have hugged more, shown much gratitude and felt so much pain and love. Patience with my children has been abundant and my to-do list has been trivial. I know I am not alone in this.

Thank you beautiful angels for inspiring us to do better.

Many people believe change is needed by amending gun laws or improving health accessibility. I feel the need to do something immediate and within my own control.

 I have set 26 intentional good deeds in dedication of: Charlotte, Daniel, Olivia, Josephine, Ana, Dylan, Madeleine, Catherine, Chase, Jesse, James, Grace, Emilie, Jack, Noah, Caroline, Jessica, Avielle, Benjamin, Allison, Rachel, Dawn, Anne, Lauren, Mary and Victoria. They are simple acts of kindness done in their honor. I made a list of things that are within my range of resources. Each one is written on a star and they will hang on my wall as they are fulfilled. I am including my children in as many of these acts as possible. Among these, we will be making something to bring to our local nursing home, picking up trash at the beach or park and I will be doing several free hoop classes for children’s non-profit orgs. The kids came up with a lot of sweet things to do.

I invite you to join me if you wish. Love more, give more and be grateful every day. ~Gina

This is the good that comes out of tragedy. Just as I have seen when Ty got sick, and again when Ty died.  People are inherently good and kind. 

Speaking of which, you would not believe the amazing gift I came back to on Monday.  MY OFFICE!  The Ty Louis Campbell Foundation is almost ready to roll!  An incredible crew of volunteers arrived on Saturday and worked their butts off to spackle, prime, paint, clean, rip up carpet and decorate!!  The space looks absolutely incredible.  I had NO IDEA that they had such plans and I was simply blown away.  To this day I still can't figure out how they did it all in one day!  One of the greatest gifts was the photo album they left me that documented the entire process.  I swear, it was like my own Extreme Home (office) Makeover.  They thought of everything.  All I need now is some carpet -- the guy came today to measure -- and a few more furniture items -- but nothing that will hold us back from getting to work.  After the New Year, that office will be buzzing :)  Thanks to all of you who have contacted me to help.  I promise, I will be in touch! 

Every item in that office, along with the labor that went into it, has all been donated.  The carpets will also be donated by a local provider, as well.  I am overwhelmed with gratitude for the generosity and love that we have been flooded with. 

The office has three rooms.  A blue room for Ty, a green for Gavin, and a large yellow room with a kitchenette where we will often work in teams.   There were tons of people there to help, including a bunch of kids, and I am simply blown away.  They didn't miss a single detail.  Ty was everywhere.  So were ladybugs and messages of hope.  The space is beautiful. 

This is the definition of a labor of love.  Thank you so much to all of the incredible volunteers who helped pull the space together and make it feel like home.  There's no place I would rather be :)


  1. Cindy - I live in Brewster closeby to Newtown. It's slo close to home for people like us.
    As I cried Friday night (and hugged ny first grader and preschooler) I thought of how Ty had 20 new friends to play with in heaven.

    1. Sorry about my misspellings. Sometimes I type to fast for my own good.

  2. Morning,

    The office looks great !! I am thrilled that the office for the Ty Louis Campbell Foundation has become a reality - so that the Foundation can function & move forward in its vitally important mission. The Ty Louis Campbell Foundation's mission - helping to increase the awareness of & for increased funding for pediatric cancer research.

    I wish that I lived closer, if I did, I would volunteer at the Ty Louis Campbell Foundation. At the minimum, I will be a regular donor to the the Ty Louis Campbell Foundation - in honor of " SuperTy."

    My continued thoughts & prayers are with " SuperTy " & all of the members of his family.

    - Rob Swan

  3. we all miss Ty. not close to how you must feel. but your doing this mama bear in honor of his beautiful little face topped with the best hair. you got this.

  4. Great office, and love the ladybug dish garden!! A perfect place to honor a beautiful boy's life. His legacy lives on. ALL FOR SUPERTY!

  5. im so happy to know that you are able to see beauty even when your heart is breaking. as a mom of two boys i know for a fact i wont be able to survive. you inspire me and give me strengh ever day. Thank you Cindy, thank you Campbell family. Thank you my favorite superhero Ty. I miss you always.

  6. What a wonderful space you've created in which to honor Ty's life through your work in raising funds and awareness for pediatric cancer. I can actually see the love and joy Ty is still bringing to the world in the warm colors you've chosen for the office. He's a guardian angel to all of us, especially to those who so tragically lost their lives last week in Newtown, CT. God be with all of them and with all of us as we struggle to heal from our loses.

  7. I am ot sure if this is anything, but in the picture #4, there is what looks llike a "light" to the right of the picture. I have always noted things like this. Maybe, just maybe, Ty is there watching and in his own way, helping this wonderful Foundation get on it's feet. Actually, I believe it is him and he is ALWAYS with you, somehow, somewhere. Love to you and your family and of course, to Superty!!!!
    Millbrook, NY

  8. the tragedy in CT is beyond comprehension - thank you for sharing Gina's idea - what a wonderful way to honor the 26 whose lives were taken, I will definitely do something like this with my family.

    As for your office - what an incredible thing - stories like this definitely help remind you there is good in the world. Bless all those volunteers that came together to make this happen. It's beautiful.

  9. It is amazing how in such tragedy you will find such greatness.... These are the stories I need to read when I am having a sad moment at all hours of the morning (like now) because I am missing my gorgeous grandson.... They lift me back up and make me remember that sometimes good things come from bad things... Thank you for making the world a better place Cindy... The office looks fantastic and Ty will be happy watching it bring you so much joy as well.

  10. Amazing! You will do amazing things there! Thank you.

  11. I just wanted to let you know that my family is thinking about Ty this Christmas. May you have a peaceful and happy holiday season with your family and friends.

    Chris H

  12. The office is amazing! The Newtown tragedy was terrible!

  13. I could just see Ty welcoming those precious angels into heaven.

  14. Hi Cindy look at number one (the first)picture between the window on the right and the little picture on the wall is a half circle of light, Perhpas just perhaps that is Ty peeking around the edge of the window making sure that all is ok with you. His light shines all the time and I dont know if you see it but it sure seems clear to me. Please take a look and tell me what you think. Ty is on the look out. Blessings to you all Campbell family

  15. Hi Cindy my message earlier talks about the LIGHT that is shining I mentioned picture # 1 but I was nmistaken it is picture # 2 Please look and see Ty's shining light glowing next to the window I see he is looking out for you to make sure all is well.. Keep smiling lady bug all is well with Ty.

  16. The office looks awesome. Job well done.

  17. It's perfect! It's like a preview of what is to come.

  18. I love the office! It's gorgeous! The colors are beautiful, the T and pretty heart, perfect. The view is picture perfect and I especially love the lady bug plant, most importantly, LOVE LOVE LOVE reading you feeling happy!



    I wanted to share this beautiful song that John Edward shared in memory of the precious children of Newtown,CT. This song also made me think of Ty and your family. <3

  20. Cindy, the office looks wonderful. I love Ty's room! Sending you lots of love...

  21. Amazing! I noticed in the 4th pic, (the yellow room pic where people are painting) I noticed a light on the right...perhaps it's Angel Ty.

    1. By the way, I had a dream the other night that I need to share: In the dream, I was talking to you at your home, (we were meeting for the 1st time) You proceeded to introduce me to Gavin, as he was running around playing. All of a sudden, another child was running next to him with a gold dress on and angel wings. You said, 'oh, thats my angel son Ty, isn't he getting so big?" I said, 'oh my, yes he is and he's having a ball with his brother". I then woke up. It was so real and I remember the gold shining on his 'angel dress'. I just wanted to share this with you. Prayers are with you always. Betty

  22. I sure amazing things will come from that space!!! It's beautiful. People are good and kind, for sure:)

  23. Beautiful! Like the Newtown Angels, Ty continues to inspire so many to do great things!

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  25. Do you have an address for the foundation?

  26. What a terrific account of an exciting makeover! Perhaps you felt good to be involved in that kind of project. Thanks for an inspiring post.

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  28. I've read your posts and I wish Ty never died. After the Newtown tragedy, lots of people thought the solution was to kill more people. People like me who have Asperger's the mentality the killer "might" have had. Millions of little children that age died in the days following as the media killed their spirits. I was one of them. As a teen, I would like to celebrate the Muddy Puddles project in my own way: letting youth just like me live the way they were supposed to, loved and accepted. And I propose a challenge to everyone who reads this comment: Stand up for people like me and Ty. People who society mistreats, whether by cancer or prejudice. Don't judge us, because Ty would love any child he met, just as it should be. Together, we can give children the childhoods they deserve.